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Back to Press Release IndexApril 01, 2011

The effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake No.3

Our hearts go out to those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

The effects at the present time of the recent earthquake and tsunami on Nissui and our group companies are as follows.


1. Safety of employees

It is with great regret that we must report that, of the 137 employees of the Onagawa Plant, two have been confirmed dead, and the whereabouts of three others has yet to be confirmed. The employees of group companies and affiliated offices have all been accounted for and are safe, and the search for family members has finished.

2. Business offices and plants affected by the disaster

Immediately after the disaster, members of Nissui and Nissui group companies set up operations to restore affected business offices as quickly as possible, utilizing primarily the disaster taskforce center set up at Nissui in the wake of the earthquake. With the exception of the facilities below, these efforts either have already led to the resumption of production at the relevant plants or to the prospects that operations will resume in the coming days.

- Onagawa Plant (frozen prepared foods, chikuwa): massive damage; no prospects for recovery

- Onagawa Fish Feed and Oil Plant (feed and oil; mea): same as above

- Hachikan's Kuji Plant (canned goods, frozen prepared foods): same as above

- Nissui Logistics Corporation's Sendai Minato Logistics Center (cold storage warehouse):
  Power outages are expected to affect infrastructure
  The burdens imposed by reduced production at plants where there are no prospects for recovery will be
  mitigated by production at plants belonging to Nissui or its group companies as well as cooperating plants.

3. Impact on performance

The investigation into the effects of the disaster on our business performance is ongoing, including damages to business offices and plants, inventories stored in the afflicted areas, and accounts receivables. In the event that serious effects are deemed likely, the company shall promptly give notice to that effect.

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