Reducing water usage

Nissui will continue to treasure our limited and precious water resources.
Only 0.8% of the earth’s water supply is suitable for domestic use. In order to protect water resources, the foundation of our businesses, the Nissui Group is promoting ways to systematically reduce usage by conserving and recycling water at its plants.

Water usage

The Nissui Group engaged in initiatives to cut back water usage by appropriately 2.4% compared to FY2012. As a result, in FY2013, 3.552 million m3 of water were used. This resulted in only a slight decrease (0.8% decrease) from the previous year. Going forward, we will continue our efforts to save water by means of small group activities with the participation of all employees, such as developing manuals for the cleaning process and the visualization of water usage. A breakdown of the source of water indicates 54% comes from well water, 30% from city water and 15% from industrial water.

photo:Water usage
photo:Ratio of water usage by type of water for FY2013

Received Mottainai (What a Waste) Grand Prize through the effective use of water and energy (Jonan Plant, Nippo Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.)

The Jonan Plant of Nippo Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. received the President of the Jury Award at the 1st Food Industry Mottainai Awards, sponsored by the Council Promoting Comprehensive Biomass Utilization of Resources, an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The Food Industry Mottainai Awards are given to companies that have made outstanding contributions in terms of easures to prevent global warming and saving energy to the end of enabling sustainable development of the food industry.

Employees at the Jonan Plant of Nippo Shokuhin Kogyo proactively engaged in improvement activities in 15 areas, including lowering temperatures in production rooms during the summertime and water-saving activities leading to the optimization of coolant water flows, and their efforts were recognized as a model to be followed by all small- and medium-sized enterprises

Installation of a biotope demonstrating the purity of water on the plant premises

A biotope* was installed at the Nissui Anjo Plant, in conjunction with the reconstruction of its drainage canal. The new pond recreates an ecosystem consisting of fish, aquatic insects and plants. The biotope serves not only as a biological monitoring post to gauge the purity of water but also as a place of environmental education for the community. This is an initiative led by the Nissui Group, which is committed to contributing to the community by protecting clean water.

*Biotope: A space that represents the natural habitat of a diverse range of living organisms including fish, insects and plants, indigenous to that area. Recently, building biotopes on corporate premises is gaining popularity. Such biotopes are playing a major role in providing environmental education to children.