Global Network (Overseas)


Nippon Suisan (Europe), B.V. (Nissui Europe)(Holding company)
The company was established in Amsterdam in December of 1988 by restructuring the Copenhagen offices, which accommodated company representatives who were stationed there to make purchases for the Japanese market and to enlarge the sales market in Europe. We increased the sales of Nissui-produced products―particularly whitefish―in the European market, but in order to bolster Nissui's marketing activities in Europe in line with the Medium-Term Management Plan, we have transferred the sales functions to sales companies in Europe and currently operate as a holdings company.
  • Hoger Einde-Zuid 6, 1191 AG Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, the Netherlands
Nordic Seafood A/S (Marine products processing, purchasing, and sales)
Nordic Seafood was founded in 1987 as a company to sell seafood products in European markets. The company's strengths lie in its clientele in the food service industry. Nordic Seafood joined the Nissui Group in 2006 not just to take advantage of its traditional strengths in the commercial B2B market, but to cultivate the food service industry and retail markets.
J.P. Klausen & Co. A/S (Marine products purchasing, sales and import)
J.P. Klausen & Co. was founded in New Zealand in 1990. In 1993, it transferred its headquarters to Denmark, which had been its base of sales. At present, the company procures Nissui Group products and other seafood products from all over the world and sells them to commercial interests mainly in the European market (which includes Central-Eastern Europe and Russia).
Cité Marine S.A.S. (Food production and sales)
Founded in 1990, Cite Marine S.A.S is based in northwestern France. The company sells chilled foods using seafood ingredients as well as frozen and chilled seafood and other foods to domestic retail chains and food service chains. We became part of the Nissui Group in October of 2007. We enjoy a 70% share of the French domestic market for chilled foods.
MITI(Food production and sales)
Nissui Pharma Solution.S.A.S(Business in regenerative medicine such as Myco Finder sales)
  • Département d’Anesthésie Réanimation, Hôpital de la Pitié Salpêtrière,47/83 boulevard de l’hôpital, 75013 Paris, France
Europacífico Alimentos Del Mar S.L. (Marine products processing, purchasing, and sales)
This company was founded in 2004 as a sales company for the purpose of selling products to the Spanish and Portuguese markets. It was funded by Nippon Suisan as well as group companies in Chile and New Zealand. The company's main businesses are food services and retail sales, particularly those involving whitefish from group products.
Flatfish Ltd.(Manufacture and sale of fresh fish and fishery products)


Qingdao Nissui Food Research and Development Co., Ltd (Quality control and development of overseas productions)
This company was formed in June of 2008 when Nippon Suisan's China Analytics Center, which had been set up in the Shandong Sanfod Group's plant, became a local company. Its main duties are testing raw materials and products, generating production index data on partner plants, and R&D.
  • Kunlunshan South Road 2089, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Tai Mei Food Industrial Corp. (Food production and sales)
This company was founded in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan in 1971. When it was first established, its initial focus was on the production, processing, and sales of frozen and canned agricultural and marine products, but when the aquacultured black tiger shrimp was at its height, the company exported 2,000 metric tons a year to Japan and the U.S. Since the 1990s we have expended considerable effort in the area of frozen vegetables. As result, we have become recognized as the top producer of frozen edamame in the industry, in terms of both quantity and quality. With an investment in the company by Nippon Suisan in December of 2007, we became a member of the Nissui Group.
Nissui (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Nissui Thailand) (Marine products production)
This company was established in February of 2005 in the city of Hat Yai in the southern province of Songkhla, Thailand. From its inception, the company was meant to specialize in processing fish in the salmon family in accordance with its status as a strategic fish in the Nissui Group beginning in fiscal 2006. The company began producing and selling the fish as a "processing link" in Nissui's Global Links program. At present, the company produces fillets, raw fish, grilled, fish, and flaked fish.
TN Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Processing Functional materials from fish origin)
TN Fine Chemicals was created in Bangkok in March of 2009 as a joint venture by Nissui and the Thai Union Group. In October of 2009, the company began manufacturing and selling functional materials made out of processing byproducts from the Thai Union Group.
  • 30/2 Mue 8, Sethakit 1 Road, Ampher Muang, Samutsakorn, 74000, Thailand
NIGICO Co., Ltd. (Marine products and frozen food production)
NIGICO Co. began in 1995 as the "Minh Hai Nissui Girimex Company" (abbreviated as NIGICO), a joint venture with a local Vietnamese company. The partner we chose was Girimex in Gia Lai city, a state-run company that traded, exported, and processed agricultural products and also had a plant in the southern Vietnamese province of Bac Lieu (formerly Minh Hai Province). Nissui was tasked with determining the plant layout and selecting the equipment. In December of 1996, the company began operations. For peeled shrimp, Nissui's "one-time frozen" method was adopted to preserve the freshness and process the shrimp in a very short amount of time. The most stringent of quality control standards were applied to their production. In 2006 the joint venture with Girimex was dissolved, and NIGICO became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nissui.
  • National Road 1A, Hamlet 5, Ho Phong Ward, GiaRai District, Bac-Lieu Province, Vietnam
Nippon Suisan (Singapore) Pte, Ltd. (Nissui S'pore)
We began in 1981 as a center for purchasing in Southeast Asia and by transforming an office that was previously an outpost for employees of the parent company. In 1993 we set up an office in the city of Ho Chi Minh, and in 1995 we took over the operations of an office in Jakarta after a merger. We have achieved a major transformation since our start as a purchasing center. With the Asian market as our base of operations, we hope to evolve into a crucial link to the growing number of and scopes of Nissui Group companies worldwide.
  • 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #06-30 E-Centre@Redhill, Singapore 159471
Sealord Group, Ltd. (Fishing, marine products production and sales)
Nissui holds a joint-venture ownership in deep-sea fishing company Sealord, in partnership with the Màori-owned Moana New Zealand (Aotearoa Fisheries Limited).
Sealord, based in Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand has been fishing for more than 50 years. The company manages all aspects of its deep water operations, from harvest through to sales, and operates seven deep-sea vessels in New Zealand waters from its Nelson base. The company has processing plants in Nelson and around the world through its links to Nissui, and is one of the largest seafood companies in the Southern Hemisphere.
Sealord processes 120,000 tonnes of fish each year and its products are sold worldwide. The company holds approximately 21% percent (122,366 tonnes) of New Zealand's total fishing quota. Sealord employs more than 1,100 people in New Zealand and overseas, with NZ$775 million of assets and revenues of just over NZ$450 million in the 2016 fishing year.

North America

Nippon Suisan (U.S.A.), Inc. (Nissui U.S.A.) (Marine products purchasing, sales, and exports)
The company was established in March of 1974 by restructuring of our Seattle offices accommodating company representatives in order to better handle the increased volume of Nissui's purchases and imports from Alaska and to deal with more complex trade deals. The company has since been expanding, a process which has included merger and acquisition arrangements, and thanks to increased access to resources and broader availability to North American markets, it has built up and fortified its North American Supply chain (Local Links). The company's chief trading duties have been transferred to the pertinent group companies. Now, the company manages the entirety of North American operations as a holding company.
  • 15400 NE 90th Street Suite 100 Redmond, WA 98052 USA
UniSea, Inc. (Marine products purchasing, processing, and sales)
UniSea was established in 1974 to operate the seafood processing business in Alaska. It is based in Redmond, Washington with primary processing facilities in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, which is situated in the Aleutian Islands. At the primary processing facility it currently produces Alaska pollack surimis, fillets, roe, and fishmeal, in addition to the primary processing of ingredients made from king crab, brown king crab, and snow crab. UniSea supplies its products in the form of raw ingredients also to other group companies, thereby functioning as a crucial procurement hub in the Nissui Global Links networks.
Glacier Fish Company, LLC (Trawl Fishing, longline fishing, marine products production)
Glacier Fish was founded in 1982 as a company producing Alaska pollack and its roe. It became a member of the Nissui Group in June of 2008. Based in Seattle, Washington, the company currently has three trawling/processing vessels that harvest Alaska pollack and Pacific whiting in the Bering Sea and off the Washington coast, which it processes into surimis, fillets, roe, and fishmeal.
Gorton's, Inc. (Frozen food production and sales)
Gorton's started out as a fish processing company in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1849. I began producing frozen foods around 1944, and became part of the Nissui Group in October of 2001. Gorton's is still the top brand in the North American retail precooked frozen foods field. Bluewater Seafoods, Inc., a Canadian subsidiary of Gorton's that markets its products under the Bluewater brand, holds the No. 2 spot in market share. Gorton's also manufactures and sells seafood products for sandwiches as well as the breading for fried fish and other products, which has become an important component of the company's sales.
F.W. Bryce, Inc. (Marine products purchasing, sales, and imports)
F.W. Bryce was founded in Michigan in 1947 as a seafood export company. To expand its share of sales in the American market, in April of 2006 the company became a Nissui Group member. It handles mostly fish crab, salmon, and whitefish procured from the Group, which it sells to commercial wholesale shops, restaurant chains, supermarket chains, and similar franchises in the U.S.
King & Prince Seafood Corp. (Frozen food production and sales)
King & Prince Seafood was founded in 1924 in Georgia in the United States as a manufacturer and seller of commercial frozen foods. It joined the Nissui Group in July of 2005 and merged with Fishking Co. in June of 2006. At the core of our North American client base are major restaurant chains and major restaurant wholesalers. We supply shrimp products, whitefish products, smoked salmon, and crab-flavored kamaboko (steamed surimi paste), among others. We hope to become part of the synergy within the Nissui Group.
BlueWater Seafoods, Inc.(Frozen food sales)
BlueWater Seafoods is a Canadian subsidiary of Gorton's that sells and markets frozen prepared seafood within Canada. BlueWater was founded in 1954 in Lachine, Quebec and was acquired by Gorton's in 1963. BlueWater currently holds the No. 2 spot in market share in Canada within frozen prepared seafood for household consumption.

South America

Nippon Suisan America Latina S.A.(N.A.L.) (Marine products purchasing, processing, and sales)
The company was established in February of 1990 in Chile as a branch to assist in purchase and sales-related duties in South America. Initially it was called Inversiones Transpacifico S.A. (often abbreviated as INVERPASA), but in October of 1993 the company name was changed to the current Nippon Suisan America Latina S.A. (N.A.L.). It currently acts as a holding company managing all operations in South America.
  • Avenida Providencia 2653, Piso 15, Edificio Forum, Santiago, Chile
Empresa de Desarrollo Pesquero de Chile S.A.(EMDEPES) (Trawl fishing)
Empresa de Desarrollo Pesquero was founded in October of 1978 in Chile as a fisheries company. Initially it ran two trawlers, but it subsequently obtained permission from the Chilean government to go into the surimi business. The company produces surimi made from southernblue whiting and hoki and also sells fillets of hoki and hake to Nissui Group companies around the world.
Salmones Antártica S.A.(S.A.) (Fish farming)
The company was established in April of 1979 for the purpose of salmon farming under the name Domsea Pesquera Chile Limitada. In January of 1982 it changed its name to Salmones Antartica Limitada. In December of 1988 it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Suisan. Today, the company uses seamless aquaculture system that starts with the production of feed for fish farming, goes on to the culturing of nursery fish, the raising of juvenile fish in freshwater, and farming of the fish in seawater. Using these aquaculture methods, the company has become a five-star brand, producing safe salmon and trout of superb quality that it sells all over the world.
Nippon Suisan America Latina Perú, S.A. (Marine products purchasing, sales, and exports)
Nippon Suisan America Latina Peru, S.A. began as a company founded in May of 2004 to enhance the fishmeal and fish oil supply capabilities to the Nissui Group, and continues to this day in that capacity.
  • Av. Arenales 1912 Oficina 1105 Lince, Perú
Nordsee Comercial Importadora Y Exportadora,Ltda. (Marine products purchasing, sales, and imports)
When the Chilean company NAL invested in the Brazilian seafood seller Nordsee, the latter became part of the Nissui Group. The company serves a mostly ethnic Japanese clientele at its restaurants in Sao Paulo. It also sells seafood, which consists mostly of salmon and trout.