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Expanding European Business by Building Nissui's Unique Vertically-Integrated System : Gaining Further Competitiveness in the European Market  by Acquiring French producer of processed seafood


Expanding Markets and Nissui's Businesses in Europe

Cité Marine main plant

Nissui has been striving to integrate the sales function of a European distributor, the Sealord Group, Ltd. (New Zealand), which joined the Nissui Global Links in 2001 and that of Nippon Suisan (Europe), B.V. (Netherlands) as a top-priority strategy in order to expand the European market. In 2006, Nissui acquired Nordic Seafood A/S to boost sales in the food service and retail sectors, completing the development of the infrastructure for selling marine products across three sectors - industrial, food service and retail - in the Pan-European market.

As a further step, in June 2007, Nissui established a satellite laboratory in Wageningen, in The Netherlands as the R&D division of Nissui Europe. Nissui acquired Cité Marine as demand for processed food is increasing in Europe. In this way, Nissui has accomplished the building of its unique vertically-integrated system that covers the functions from access to marine resources, processing, sales and even R&D, centering on Nissui Europe.
Nissui Europe controls the European businesses as a holding company and has thus organized a system to deliver greater customer-oriented value created from marine resources.


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