Business Activities by Region (Europe)

Europac凬ico Alimentos Del Mar SLJ.P. Klausen & Co. A/SNordic Seafood A/SCit・Marine S.A.S. Nippon Suisan (Europe), B.V.

Toward Further Market Expansion

In Europe, a large seafood market in the world, the demand for marine resources is steadily increasing due to mounting customer interest in health, food safety, and security in recent years as well as traditional dietary habits. Since it regards Europe as an important market equal to Japan and the U.S., the Nissui Group establish European "Local Links" in collaboration with Cite Marine as processor and Nordic Seafood group and Europacifico as distributer in order to maximize the value of its global marine resources. By expanding and evolving these marketing functions, the Group will establish its supply chain in Europe and make it a base equivalent to the U.S. for Global Links.