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History 1908
November 1908 Founder Ichiro Tamura constructed Daiichi-Maru (199 gross tons), the first steel-frame trawler in Japan.
May 1911 Ichiro Tamura established the Tamura Steamship Fishery Division in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and started trawling in cooperation with Kosuke Kunishi and other people (foundation of Nippon Suisan).
September 1919 The Division reorganized into a corporation under the name of Kyodo Gyogyo.
February 1920 Hayatomo Fishery Research Group, the first private fishery research organization in Japan, was established.
November 1927 Kushiro-Maru, the first full-scale diesel engine trawler in Japan, was completed.
December 1929 The base of fishery moved from Shimonoseki to Tobata, Fukuoka Prefecture.
December 1934 First whaling expedition conducted in the Antarctic Ocean.
March 1937 Company name changed to Nippon Suisan.
December 1942 The cold storage and marketing divisions separated and transferred to Teikoku Suisan Tosei (presently Nichirei Corp.) founded in accordance with the Fishery Control Ordinance.
Mach 1943 The fishery division separated and transferred to Nippon Kaiyo Gyogyo Tosei.
December 1945 Nippon Kaiyo Gyogyo Tosei restored its name to Nippon Suisan.
November 1946 First postwar whaling expedition conducted in the Antarctic Ocean with permission of the General Headquarters (GHQ).
May 1949 Nippon Suisan listed its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
June 1949 Hakodate Canning Plant was established (fish processing restored).
May 1952 North-sea fisheries reopened and NISSUI's mother ship-type salmon and trout fleet began fishing.
October 1952 Full-scale production of fish sausage started at the Tobata Plant.
June 1962 Hachioji General Plant completed for the mass production of processed food.
April 1966 Head office moved to Nippon Building in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
May 1974 Unisea founded in the U.S.
October 1974 NISSUI's fishing boat began fishing for krill operations in the Antarctic Ocean.
October 1978 EMDEPES founded in Santiago, Chile, as a fishery base.
April 1981 PESPASA founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a fishery base.
1988 U.S. fishing quota for foreign vessels in the North Pacific Ocean abolished (virtually ending fishing in this area).
December 1988 NISSUI acquired Salmones Antartica, a salmon and trout aquaculture company in Chile.
March 1990 NISSUI obtained approval to make "EPA-E NISSUI," a drug substance.
June 1991 No dividend payment for the 76th year (ended in March 1991) resolved (first since the year ended in March 1951).
June 1999 Resumption of dividend payment (¥3 per share a year) for the 84th year (ended in March 1999) resolved.

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Recent Devalopments
January 2001 NISSUI acquired 50% of shares of Sealord, a fishery company in New Zealand.
October 2001 NISSUI acquired "Gorton's" and "Blue Water," pre-cooked frozen seafood brands for household use in North America.
March 2002 NISSUI acquired 25% of shares of Alaska Ocean Seafood.
March 2003 "IMARK," NISSUI's EPA-based FOSHU, approved for commercialization (put on sale in April 2004).
January 2004 Kurose Suisan, an aquaculture company specializing in Japanese yellowtail, founded.
February 2004 NAL Peru, a procurement company specializing in fish meal and fish oil, founded in Lima, Peru.
October 2004 Europacifico, a marketer of marine products, founded in Vigo, Spain.
July 2005 NISSUI acquired King & Price Seafood, a U.S. company of pre-cooked frozen seafood for business use.
October 2005 New plant completed at Shandong Sanfod Nissui in Qingdao, China.
March 2006 NISSUI began capital and business cooperation with Kyowa Suisan, a Japanese fishery company.
April 2006 NISSUI announced the acquisition of three marketers of marine products: Nordic Seafood in Denmark, F.W. Bryce in the U.S. and Nordsee in Brazil.
October 2006 Construction of Nissui Kashima Plant commenced.
April 2007 Nissui Logistics Corporation founded.
October 2007 NISSUI acuired shares of Cité Marine S.A.S., a processed Seafood Company in France.
October 2007 NISSUI made capital investments in domestic processed company, Sasaya Shoten Co., Ltd., Kaneko Shokuhin Co., Ltd., and Kunihiro Inc., and Tai Mei Food Industrial Corp. (Taiwan) in overseas.
October 2007 DOSA. was established in Chile in order to administrating, marketing, and distributing for group fishery companies in Chile.
November 2007 Kurose Suisan Co., Ltd. was certified from Miyazaki Prefecture as an "EU export-worthy marine seafood processing facility."
April 2008 Qingdao Nissui Food Research and Development founded.
June 2008 NISSUI acquired 25% of shares of Glacier Fish Company.
October 2008 Construction of the Nissui Kashima Plant completed.
Construction of the frozen food plant completed at Hachikan Co., Ltd. Headquarters.
Kyowa Suisan Co., Ltd. becomes consolidated subsidiary.
December 2008 Hokkaido Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. founded
March 2009 TN Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. founded.
November 2009 NISSUI commenced culturing arachidonic-acid-producing filamentous fungi in large tanks in the bio-production field.
December 2009 Hakata Marukita Suisan Co., Ltd. founded (business transferred from Hakata Marukita Co., Ltd. in February 2010).
February 2010 NISSUI's stake in Tokyo Kitaichi Co., Ltd. increased.
July 2010 NISSUI acquired shares of Delmar.
August 2010 Nordic Seafood A/S becomes consolidated subsidiary.
April 2011 Construction of the Tokyo Innovation Center.
May 2011 Publishing "A History of Hundred Years of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd." "Nippon Suisan Gyofu (Scientific Illustrations of Food Fish of the World)"
August 2011 Opening The Nissui Pioneer Exhibition
April 2012 The Medium-Term Management Plan 2014(MVIP) was initiated.
December 2013 "Yumigahama Suisan Co.,Ltd" was established for domestic Coho Salmon farming.
August 2014 Head office moved to Nishi-Shimbashi Square in Minato-ku, Tokyo

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