Business Activities by Region (SouthAmerica)

Salmones Antartica S.A.(S.A.)Nordsee Comercial Importadora Y Exportadora,Ltda.Empresa de Desarrollo Pesquero de Chile S.A.(EMDEPES)Nippon Suisan America Latina S.A.(N.A.L.) Nippon Suisan America Latina Peru, S.A.

Taking Charge of Procurement Tasks for the Group through Fishery and Breeding

South America has leading marine resources in the world, and the NISSUI Group has been doing business in this region since the 1970s. The Group's member companies engaged in aquaculture and fishery there play an important part in procurement and production, thus making the most of the Group's basic function: "the ability to access resources." The important bases of NISSUI's Supply Chain include Salmones Antarctica in Chile, engaged in the salmon aquaculture business based on an established system of "integrated production management of the entire process from resources to final products," EMDEPES(Chile), engaged in fishery, which handle access to marine resources, NAL Peru, which is responsible for the procurement of fish meal and fish oil and Nordsee in Brazil that engages in domestic sales . These South American companies have extended their sales channels not only to the Japanese market, but also to Europe and the U.S., and have become increasingly important as bases of the Global Links.