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Company Overview

Company Overview

Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.
Nishi-Shimbashi Square, 1-3-1, nishi-shimbashi, minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8676 Japan

Founded 1911
Established 1943
Capital 23,729 million yen
Number of Shares Authorized 1,000,000,000
Number of Shares Issued 277,210,277
Number of Shareholders 45,042
Number of Employees 1,156 (Non-consolidated)
8,919 (Consolidated)

(As of March 31, 2014)

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Executive Team

(As of March 1, 2015)

Representative Board Member, President & CEO
Norio Hosomi

Representative Board Member, Senior Managing Executive Officer, CFO & CIO. In charge of Information Security.
Kunihiko Koike

Board Member, Managing Executive Officer
Akiyo Matono

Commissioned Fisheries Business Operating Officer,
Commissioned Business Supervisor in N. America,
President of Nissui U.S.A

Board Member, Executive Officer
Yoichi Sekiguchi

Commissioned Fine Chemicals Business Operating Officer

Board Member, Executive Officer
Shinsuke Ohki

Commissioned Food Products Business Operating Officer.
In charge of Business Operation Conference

Board Member, Executive Officer
Naoto Ihara

Commissioned Environment Office Officer,
In charge of Quality Assurance Office,
Central Research Laboratory,
Food Safety Research Center,
Tokyo Innovation Center

Board Member, Executive Officer
Koki Sato

General Affairs Dept,
Legal Dept,
Corporate Strategic Planning & IR Office,
Secretarial Office,
Risk Management,
Jointly in charge of Customer Services Center

Board Member, Executive Officer
Takeshi Wakizaka

Commissioned General Manager of Osaka Branch,
Representative Board Member of Kurahashi Co.,Ltd.

Board Member
(Outside Board Member)

Keishiro Kinoshita

Board Member
(Outside Board Member)

Tsugio Haruki

Standing Statutory Auditor
Masahide Koizumi

Statutory Auditor
(Outside Statutory Auditor)

Kazumasa Sahara

Statutory Auditor
(Outside Statutory Auditor)

Keisuke Yokoo

Statutory Auditor
(Outside Statutory Auditor)

Osamu Higuchi

Executive Officer
Yasumasa Yamasaki

Commissioned General Manager of International Sales and Business Development Office,
In charge of Marketing and Strategic Projects,
Jointly in charge of Customer Services Center,
Representative Director of Delmar Co., Ltd.

Executive Officer
Hisami Sakai

In charge of Strategic Projects

Executive Officer
Eiichiro Yamahashi

Commissioned Deputy Food Products Business Operating Officer,
General Manager of Food Service Products Dept.

Executive Officer
Seiji Takahashi

Commissioned Business Supervisor in S. America,
President of N.A.L

Executive Officer
Yuji Kobayashi

Commissioned Deputy Fisheries Business Operating Officer

Executive Officer
Yuji Iwata

Commissioned General Manager of National Account Sales Division.

Executive Officer
Tomomi Kimura

Commissioned Deputy General Manager of National Account Sales Division.

Executive Officer
Shingo Hamada

Commissioned General Manager of Food Products Production Promotion Office

Executive Officer
Shinya Yamamoto

Commissioned General Manager of Finance and Accounting Departments


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