Summary of Financial Statements

Summary of Fiscal Year 2017 (April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018)

(*)Qualification: This is directly translated into English for the convenience of readers, and all financial results with the accounting principles generally accepted in Japan

( Million yen )

[Consolidated] FY2017 FY2016
Net sales 683,008 635,953
Changes from the previous year (%) 7.4 (0.2)
Operating Profit 23,489 22,646
Changes from the previous year (%) 3.7 16.5
Ordinary Profit 24,840 24,884
Changes from the previous year (%) (0.2) 20.2
Profit attributable to owners of parent 17,334 14,216
Changes from the previous year (%) 21.9 15.5
Earnings per share 55.65 48.02
Total assets 484,622 451,876
Net assets 157,106 141,205
Dividend 2nd Quarter 4.0yen
4th Quarter 4.0yen
Fiscal Year 8.0yen
2nd Quarter 2.5yen
4th Quarter 3.5yen
Fiscal Year 6.0yen

The Japanese economy showed a gradual recovery trend with improvement in corporate earnings and employment during the period subject to consolidated accounting under review. While future of foreign economy and financial and capital market was unclear, consumer spending continued making a mild recovery.
In terms of the global economy during the period subject to consolidated accounting from January to December, the U.S. showed strong recovery in economy as consumer spending is increasing due to stable employment and income environment and Europe showed continuing signs of moderate economic improvement such as decrease in unemployment rate and increase of consumer spending. In Asia, Chinese economy was underpinned by government policy effect.

The Company and its group companies showed a continuing strong performance in Salmon/Trout farming business in the Marine Products business but sign of changes including a rise of raw materials and distribution cost in the Food Products business. Upfront investment cost increased in the Fine Chemicals business.

Under these circumstances, the consolidated financial results of the consolidated fiscal year under review were as follows: net sales were 683,008 million yen, up 47,054 million yen year-on-year; operating profit was 23,489 million yen, up 842 million yen year-on-year; ordinary profit was 24,840 million yen, down 44 million yen year-on-year; and profit attributable to owners of parent company was 17,334 million yen, up 3,118 million yen year-on-year.

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