NISSUi Letter

Back to Press Release IndexMarch 3, 2010

Report of the Earthquake in Chile

We engage in salmon aquaculture, fishing, and related businesses in the Republic of Chile, where an earthquake occurred before dawn local time on February 27. All of our Japanese employees and their family members have been found safe, and we are working to confirm the safety of our local employees and their family members at this time. Regarding damage to our businesses found so far, our salmon aquaculture business has suffered minor damage at the feed plant and the freshwater fish fry farm in Los Ángeles near the epicenter, though no direct major damage has been identified so far at the sea cage sites or the processing plants in Chiloé and Aisén. However, it is uncertain how the processing plants will be operated going forward due to the shortage of materials and disrupted distribution. In our fishing business, there has been no major damage to the factory ship moored at the dock in Talcahuano near the epicenter, and none of the other ships belonging to our company group has reported any major damage either. We will post updates of any further damage or consequences as they may be found.