Basic Information Security Policy

The basic policy of Nissui and Nissui Group is to pursue our business activities while contributing to the society by continuously creating new values; this policy has not changed since our foundation and will not change in the future.

To satisfy this policy, it is necessary: to recognize the importance of protecting information assets such as customer information, personal information and confidential business-related information in the remarkable advancement of computerization in recent years; and to prioritize the establishment of information security as one of our important management issues.

In accordance with this basic recognition, we intend to create various regulations such as the following action guidelines and make them thoroughly known to all people engaged in the businesses of Nissui and Nissui Group.

Action Guidelines

  1. Information security framework
    We will construct a management framework with an official in charge of information security as the chief executive and appoint management representatives in each organization to work toward maintenance and improvement of information security.
  2. Management of information assets
    We will take appropriate information asset security measures such as classifying information assets according to their importance and risks, and clarify how they should be handled.
  3. Education
    We will provide information security education according to our plan to improve the awareness of people engaged in the businesses of Nissui and Nissui Group regarding information security and ensure that security measures are implemented thoroughly.
  4. Compliance to statutes and contracts
    We will comply with statutes and regulations related to information security and contracts with customers and business partners.
  5. Evaluation and review
    We will review our information security regularly to strive toward continuous improvement and advancement to ensure a sufficient level of information security.