Business Activities by Region (NorthAmerica)

Nippon Suisan (U.S.A.), Inc. (Nissui U.S.A.) UniSea, Inc. Glacier Fish Company, LLC Bluewater Seafoods, Inc. F.W. Bryce, Inc. Gorton's, Inc. King & Prince Seafood Corp.

The Mainstay of the Global Supply Chain

The U.S. is a leading country with marine resources in the world and occupies an important position as one of the major global fish markets.
Unisea, a NISSUI Group member, has served the role of a base for the procurement, processing, and production of resources since the 1970s. In the latter half of the 1990s, as global demand for marine resources increased and the U.S. market expected to grow larger, NISSUI began producing and selling pre-cooked and frozen seafood. With Gorton's joining these activities in 2001, K&P in 2005, and F.W. Bryce in 2006, Nissui's integrated supply chain from procurement to processing and marketing was greatly strengthened and the American companies collaborate well as “Local Links” there in North America. As a result, the NISSUI Group has grown to become one of the top ten producers in the U.S. seafood industry. This Supply Chain is now the mainstay business system of the Group's True Global Links through linkage to the resources and markets in South America, Asia, and Europe. It will continue to play a major part in the future.