Privacy & Policy

Nissui Corporation ("Nissui") handles all personal information of individuals carefully, regardless of whether they belong to a company or not, according to the following personal information protection policy.

  1. 1.We acquire, store, use or provide personal information for the limited purposes necessary for business and/or human resource management, such as employment of employees.
  2. 2.We take all reasonable security measures against risks of illegal access to or destruction/leakage of personal information.
  3. 3.We continuously make improvements in line with our customers' needs and the general evolution of IT technologies.
  4. 4.We strictly adhere to all relevant laws, regulations and social norms related to personal information.

Usage Purposes of "Personal Data Retained"

"Personal data retained" (personal data collected and retained for six months or more) by Nissui is used for the following purposes.

  • To provide information related to products and/or services provided by Nissui, Nissui Group and our business partners, as well as to conduct business related to customer support.
  • To conduct business in a way that utilizes/reflects our customers' opinions and requests to refine/improve the products and/or services mentioned above.
  • To utilize/disclose the information as statistical data, from which individuals cannot be identified, for management and marketing activities.
  • To notify about participation/winning in sweepstakes, surveys and public participation in contests etc., to send prizes and rewards and to conduct related businesses.
  • To conduct public relations activities such as sending out public relations magazines.
  • To handle matters related to human resources and general affairs such as selection of job applicants and notification of new employment.