Research & Development


Nissui is dedicated to sustainable use of fishery resources and environmental conservation. We carry out research to continue creating value from fishery and other resources.

Fishery Research

Fishery research, including our own technology for boosting the taste of salt to reproduce the same flavor and salty taste as before sodium content is reduced.

Food Research

Food research, including our own technology for preserving aroma of a freshly-made dish and sodium-reduction technology.?

Aquaculture Research

Aquaculture research, from controlling maturation of farmed fish and meat quality evaluation to Marbless, a functional feed we developed to boost meat quality.?

Research on Functional Ingredients

Research on functional ingredients like EPA to make the best use of finite fishery resources for human health.


Nissui works to develop tasty products for people all over the world, to contribute to enhanced daily life and a bright future.

Development at the Planning Stage

Development at the Development Stage

Development at the Production Stage


Research Facilities

Nissui carries out research and development in well-appointed research facilities surrounded by abundant nature to create new value. ?