Message from the President and CEO

Photo:Shingo Hamada

Nissui's history began in 1911 with a single fishing trawler. Over the past 110 years, we have developed a diverse portfolio of businesses, spanning beyond just the marine products to include food products and fine chemical businesses. Nissui has now grown to include nearly 100 Group companies globally.

With people's demands for food becoming more varied in recent years, and with greater focus on taste, health, environmental considerations, and a sustainable future, we are partnering with Nissui Group companies around the world to advance our business operations by delivering food products tailored to meet those needs. In the future, as the natural and social environment continues to rapidly evolve, it will become necessary to address a variety of needs that have yet to be identified.

In 2022, the Nissui Group established a new mission, and set a long-term vision (Good Foods 2030) aiming to be a "leading company that delivers friendly foods both for people and the earth" by 2030. In December 2022, the corporate name was changed to Nissui Corporation, and rebranding is now underway.

Through a united Group-wide effort, Nissui aims to realize its vision by fearlessly creating innovative food solutions that contribute to solving social issues, harnessing our pioneering spirit and expertise that were forged at sea to bring those new foods to everyone.

Nissui has now begun a new chapter, filled with fresh challenges and opportunities ahead. With the founding spirit of offering the world better food choices carried forward since its inception, Nissui will continue to explore new possibilities in food solutions.

July 2023
President & CEO,
Nissui Corporation
Shingo Hamada