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We aim to maximize the merits of the entire group by effectively
connecting our business bases and capabilities across the globe
and establishing a global supply chain.


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Nissui strives to increase our corporate value by our efforts to
address social issues through our business activities.

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Marine Products 2,877/Food Products 3,286/Fine Chemicals 340/General Distribution 157/Marine-related, Engineering 274 Consolidated net sales 6,936 Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Results (Unit: 100 million yen)

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It is investor information of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.
Posts IR news, management policies, financial information,
various disclosure materials, stock information, etc.

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We Are Up to the Challenge of Pursuing the Potential of Marine Resources and Food


Protecting Our Bountiful Seas to Supply Fish for Our Tables for All Time

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