Global R&D

Nissui is connected through its Global Links to affiliates in various countries around world.
Nissui conducts joint R&D, engages in technology exchanges and dispatches researchers for the long-and short-term with each of its affiliates.

By introducing Nissui's technology and collaborating with local technology development, Nissui is aiming to share the results of research and conduct efficient R&D.

Development of global R&D

UniSea, Inc. (Dutch Harbor, Alaska)

UniSea, Inc. is a production base manufacturing fish paste, fillets and other products from Alaska pollack, and collaborates with Nissui in the development of efficient production methods, improvement of yield and enhancement of product quality.

Sealord Group, Ltd. (New Zealand)

Sealord Group, Ltd., a major marine products company in New Zealand, offers products through an integrated system which covers every stage from fishery to sales of seafood products, and collaborates with Nissui in the enhancement of product development.

Gorton's , Inc. (USA)

Gorton's Inc. is the largest manufacturer of frozen seafood in North America and collaborates with Nissui in the development of health-conscious products, enhancement of product quality and other research.