Business Risks

Business risks of the Group described in this section are determined as risks that may significantly affect investor's decisions as of this Securities Report's submission date. The Company's Board of Directors has deliberated matters in this section and will be reflected and updated by the Board every year.

Risk management system of the Group

The Group's mission is to manufacture various foods, pharmaceutical ingredients, etc., out of resources, including marine products, and supply them to people worldwide. We strive to maintain stable production and sales to fulfill such duties. From such a point of view, the Group has formulated the "Risk Management Rules." Our Risk Management Committee (Note 1) takes charge of building and operating the risk management system and reports to the Board of Directors periodically to prevent risks that hinder our business activities from arising, minimize the occurrence of losses and use our best efforts to preserve management resources and ensure business continuity. Risk groups significantly impacting the Group areas are identified as priority risks (Note 2) and a dedicated subcommittee has been set up for such risks.

  1. (Note1)Risk Management Committee: Consists of all Executive Officers and is chaired by the Representative Board Member, President & CEO.
  2. (Note2)Priority risks: "Quality assurance,""environment,""occupational safety and health,""compliance,""information security,""post-disaster business continuity planning (BCP)," etc.
  1. 1.Impact of climate change (temperature rise worldwide)
  2. 2.Risks concerning procurement of raw materials and others
  3. 3.Risks of human-induced marine pollution
  4. 4.Risks in expansion of overseas business
  5. 5.Risks concerning intellectual property
  6. 6.Risks concerning infringement of human rights
  7. 7.Risks related to securing and developing human resources
  8. 8.Risks concerning the quality and safety of products
  9. 9.Risks posed by falling behind in development of new technologies in response to changes in awareness and needs of consumers
  10. 10.Information security risks
  11. 11.Risks posed by the spread of infectious diseases
  12. 12.Risks related to financing

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Business Risks

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