From its establishment to becoming the world's largest marine company

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March 1911

Founder Ichiro Tamura sent Kosuke Kunishi to the U.K. Minato Maru iscompleted at theSmiths Dock shipyard.

Founder Ichiro Tamura

A person of merit Kosuke Kunishi

Minato Maru

February 1911
Signing of treaties of Amity, Commerce and Navigation by Japan with the United States, Britain, and Germany (establishment of tariffs autonomy).
May 1911

Ichiro Tamura established the Tamura Steamship Fishery Company in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and started trawling in cooperation with Kosuke Kunishi and other people (foundation of Nippon Suisan).

Tamura Steamship Fishery Division

March 1917

The company emblem of Nippon Suisan was registered as a trademark.

Nippon Suisan emblem

July 1914
Start of World War I.
September 1917

Tamura Steamship Fishery Company was reorganized to become "Kyodo Gyogyo"

February 1920

Hayatomo Fishery Research Institute , the first private fishery research organization in Japan, was established.

Hayatomo Fishery Research Institute

January 1920
League of Nations was instituted.
June 1921

Nippon Chikuwa Seizosho K.K. was established

May 1922

Introduction of a U.S. Meakin fish meal machine and start of fish meal production.

March 1923
Promulgation of the Wholesale Market Act.
September 1923
The Great Kanto Earthquake hit.
V-D fishing method adopted from U.K.
November 1927

The diesel-powered trawler Kushiro Maru was completed.


December 1927

Tobata Reizo K.K. was established.


Nissui Food Store was opened to promote marine products.

Nissui Food Store which opened on the corner of Sakaisuji Street and Imabashi in Osaka

January 1929

Completion of the Tobata Refrigeration Plant.

October 1929
Start of the Great Depression.
May 1930

Kyodo Gyogyo completes its relocation to Tobata, Fukuoka Prefecture.

July 1934

Participation in Nissan Konzerne.

July 1934
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Enactment of regulations for the management of mother ship-type fishery.
May 1935

The trawler Minato Maru fished for shrimp in Baja California, Mexico.

Shrimp fishing in Baja California, Mexico.

May 1936

The trawler Himeji Maru fished off Argentina.

Fishing in Argentina

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