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April 2012

Acquired all shares in Kaneko Sangyo Co., Ltd.

May 2012
Tokyo SkyTree was opened to the public.
October 2012

Mail order sales of the "Tokuho" specified health product "IMARK S" began.

"Tokuho" specified health product "IMARK S"

March 2013

Construction of the Kurose Suisan Co., Ltd. seedling center in Ei completed.

March 2013
Japan announced its intent to participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.
September 2013
Tokyo was chosen as the host of the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.
December 2013

"Yumigahama Suisan Kaisha,Ltd." was established for domestic Coho Salmon farming.

April 2014
Consumption tax rose from 5% to 8%.
August 2014

Head office moved to Nishi-Shimbashi Square in Minato-ku, Tokyo

Succeeded in full life cycle farmed bluefin tuna and development of formula feed for bluefin tuna larvae.

April 2015

Operations at the main plant of Yumigahama Suisan Kaisha,Ltd. began.

Main plant of Yumigahama Suisan Kaisha,Ltd.

April 2015
Labeling system for functional foods began

Began measuring the EPA/AA ratio as part of employees' health exams

March 2016

Construction of Nissui Logistics Corporation's logistcs center in Maishima, Osaka completed.

Nissui Logistics Corporation's logistics center in Maishima, Osaka

Announced the Declaration on Action of CSR.

January 2016
Global stock prices fell and the BOJ adopted negative interest rates.
March 2016
The Hokkaido Shinkansen began operations.
April 2016
A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck Kumamoto prefecture.
May 2016

"Umi Kara Kenko EPA Life" fish sausages with EPA and functional foods approval went on sale.

June 2016
The UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union.
July 2016

Kaneko Sangyo Co., Ltd. succeeded in full life cycle farmed bluefin tuna.

July 2016
Emperor Akihito expressed his intent to abdicate from the throne.
August 2016

Established Farm Choice Co., Ltd.

December 2016

Began marine demonstration experiments for a large-scale offshore cultivation system with Yumigahama Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. and then Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering.

Participated in SeaBOS, an initiative among the world's largest seafood companies and scientists for a sustainable seafood industry.

January 2017
Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.
February 2017

The Employee Health Declaration was established.

March 2017

Nissui Marine Industries Co., Ltd. launched the fish oil carrier Omega III.

April 2017

Nissui Europe established Caistor Seafoods (England).

May 2017

The Pharmaceuticals Plant in Kashima for the Fine Chemicals Business was completed.

Pharmaceuticals Plant in Kashima for the Fine Chemicals Business

June 2017

Succeeded in technology for full life cycle farmed octopus.

Established Satsuma Suisan Co., Ltd.

July 2017
Torrential rains hit Northern Kyushu.
October 2017

Announced results of research on effects of Alaska pollock protein on strengthening skeletal muscles.

December 2017

Kurose Suisan Co., Ltd. acquired the world's first ASC certification of farmed yellowtail.

February 2018

Recognized as Certified Health & Productivity Management for 2018 (large enterprise category).

March 2018

Acquired the DBJ Health Management Rating by the Development Bank of Japan.

April 2018

Co-developed technology with NEC to measure body length of farmed fish.

May 2018

Capital participation made into shrimp farming Seafarms Group Ltd (Australia).

July 2018

Sales began of Shirahime Ebi, vannamei shrimp that had been farmed domestically for commercial testing.

July 2018
Torrential rains hit Western Japan.
September 2018

Results of survey regarding the status of Nissui Group's marine resources were released.

October 2018

Began forest conversation activities in Tottori prefecture.

October 2018
The Toyosu location of the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market opened.
November 2018

Yumigahama Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.'s egg retrieval center in Senjyozan was completed.

February 2019

Selected as the first among marine, agriculture and forestry enterprises for the 2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection program.

April 2019

Began joint development of land-based mackerel farming with Hitachi Zosen.

May 2019

Farm Choice Co., Ltd. acquired the businesses of two domestic farming-related companies.

Nissui Europe acquired Flatfish Ltd. (U.K.)

May 2019
Japan entered the new era of Reiwa.
June 2019

Nissui brand canned products changed the best-by date label to month and year listing.

August 2019

Salmones Antartica S.A. acquired BAP certification in trout aquaculture.

October 2019

Empedes and others obtained MSC certified fishery status for hake in Chile.

September 2019
Typhoon No. 15 struck metropolitan Tokyo.
October 2019
The consumption tax was raised to 10%.

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