Conversion to a profitable company structure, aiming to become a global leader

Nissui Events World Events
April 1996

Implementation of NCR Management began.

October 1997

The corporate branding was unified.

March 1998

The Quality Assurance and Environment Preservation Office was established.

April 1998
The revised Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law was enacted, the Japanese Big Bang (financial reform) was launched.
October 1998
The American Fisheries Act was signed into law.
June 1999

Resolution was made for the resumption of a dividend payment at 3 yen per share a year for the 84th year (ended in March 1999).

January 1999
Eleven members of the European Union adopted the euro as their single currency.
September 1999

The Tokyo General Logistics Center was completed.

The U.S. introduced the ITQ system for Alaska pollock.
April 2000

Implementation of the TGL Plan began.

April 2000
The Containers and Packaging Recycling Law became fully enforced.
January 2001

NISSUI acquired 50% of shares of Sealord, a fishery company in New Zealand.

June 2001
The Fisheries Basic Act was established.
October 2001

NISSUI acquired "Gorton's" and "Bluewater Seafoods" pre-cooked frozen seafood brands for household use in North America.


Bluewater Seafoods

September 2001
Terrorist attacks hit multiple sites in the U.S.
October 2001
The threat of bovine spongiform encephalopathy contamination in Japan came to light.
March 2002

NISSUI acquired 25% of shares of Alaska Ocean Seafood.

July 2002

Sales of fish sausages not containing egg white.

October 2002

The Quality Assurance Code was established.

March 2003

The Company's Code of Ethics was established.

June 2003

The Environment Code was established and the Environment Committee was created.

January 2004

Kurose Suisan, an aquaculture company specializing in Japanese yellowtail, founded.

Kurose Yellowtail

April 2004

Mail order sales of the "Tokuho" specified health product "IMARK" began.

October 2004

Europacifico, a marketer of marine products, founded in Vigo, Spain.

November 2004

Hachikan Co., Ltd. was established to produce frozen and shelf-stable foods.

December 2004
System of tracing individual information for domestic beef began.
February 2005

The Basic Policy on Information Security was set.

April 2005
The Act on the Protection of Personal Information was enacted.
July 2005

NISSUI acquired King & Prince Seafood, a U.S. company of pre-cooked frozen seafood for business use.

King & Prince Seafood

August 2005

Issuance of environmental reports began.

March 2006

NISSUI began capital and business cooperation with Kyowa Suisan, a Japanese fishery company.

Kyowa Suisan's Kaiko Maru No. 35 (carrier)

April 2006

NISSUI announced the acquisition of three marketers of marine products: Nordic Seafood in Denmark, F.W. Bryce in the U.S. and Nordsee in Brazil.

May 2006
A positive list system for pesticide residue was enacted in accordance with the Food Sanitation Act.
April 2007

Nissui Logistics Corporation founded.

September 2007

"Eco-Clip Osakana no Sausage," which did not use aluminum wire, went on sale.

October 2007

NISSUI acquired shares of Cite Marine S.A.S., a processed Seafood Company in France.

Cite Marine S.A.S.

Made capital investments in Sasaya Shoten Co., Ltd., Kaneko Shokuhin Co., Ltd., and Kunihiro Inc.

December 2007

Made capital investment in Tai Mei Food Industrial Corp. (Taiwan)

April 2008

Qingdao Nissui Food Research and Development founded.

June 2008

NISSUI acquired 25% of shares of Glacier Fish Company.

October 2008

Construction of the Nissui Kashima Plant completed.

Kashima Plant

September 2008
The Japan Frozen Food Association established guidelines regarding the origin of ingredients in frozen food products.
October 2008

Construction of the frozen food plant completed at Hachikan Co., Ltd. Headquarters.


December 2008

Hokkaido Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. founded

Hokkaido Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

March 2009

TN Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. founded.

May 2009
The lay judge system was put into effect.
December 2009

Hakata Marukita Suisan Co., Ltd. founded (business transferred from Hakata Marukita Co., Ltd. in February 2010).

Hakata Marukita Suisan Co., Ltd.

December 2009
A bill to freeze postal service privatization was passed.
May 2010

Received the "Kurumin Mark" which certifies contributions in fostering the younger generation.

June 2010
The asteroid probe Hayabusa returned after a seven-year journey in space.
July 2010

NISSUI acquired all shares of Delmar.


August 2010

Nordic Seafood A/S became consolidated subsidiary.

Nordic Seafood A/S

October 2010
The yen strengthened in the Tokyo foreign exchange market to 80 yen to the dollar, the first time in 15 years for such an appreciation.
The Nagoya Protocol was adopted at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10).
December 2010
Full operation of the Tohoku Shinkansen (Tokyo - Shin Aomori) began.
April 2011

Construction of the Tokyo Innovation Center.

Tokyo Innovation Center

January 2011
China's GDP surpassed that of Japan to become second in the world.
March 2011
The Great East Japan Earthquake (magnitude 9.0) hit, the fourth largest throughout the world in scale.
May 2011

Publishing "A History of Hundred Years of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd." "Nippon Suisan Gyofu (Scientific Illustrations of Food Fish of the World)"

A History of Hundred Years of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.

Nippon Suisan Gyofu

June 2011

Nissui Group joint memorial for the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster was held.

August 2011

Opening The Nissui Pioneer Exhibition

The Nissui Pioneer Exhibition

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A History of One Hundred Years of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd

This work explores the transitions Nissui has undergone since it was founded and, incorporating the objective views of outside experts on the course of Japan's society and its fisheries industry, endeavors to be an authentic guide not only to the history of Nissui but also to that of the fisheries industry. Please take this opportunity to acquaint yourself with the achievements of Nissui, which started out with just one vessel, over the past one hundred years.