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The Product of Our Integrated Farming Business -
"Gin Gin Ikijime Kurose Yellowtail"
Creating a New Supply Chain based on
an Integrated Management & Production System


“Kurose Yellowtail”
: The Top Product in the “Gin Gin” Brand Range

When commercializing "Kurose Yellowtail", we compared it with Yellowtail supplied by competitors by conducting a sensory test. First, its appearance in terms of "redness of flesh" was found to be superior by a large margin (Exhibit 1). It also performed well in terms of change in flesh color over time. The flesh of competitors' Yellowtail from Kagoshima Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture turned brownish after being stored at 4ºC for 42 hours, resulting in a loss of product value, whereas "Kurose Yellowtail" remained bright red.

Exhibit 1. Sensory Test

"Kurose Yellowtail" produced through integrated farming by Kurose Suisan

The significance of this difference is pointed out by Nissui's fresh fish sales representative. "Remaining this color for a long time after it is cut into sushi, sashimi or fillets means that sushi shops and mass merchandisers can reduce their losses and lessen the frequency with which they change the selling price. Once the flesh of Yellowtail turns brownish, it is no longer saleable and has to be discarded. Since product value can be retained longer if the color does not change, it makes operations easier for outlets. Retail outlets can also expect to reduce their loss rate and improve profitability by marketing this product."

Nissui aimed to produce a product with "firm flesh but relatively limited fat, whose redness does not change quickly." With "KuroseYellowtail", it achieved this goal and completed a product that can be recommended to consumers with pride.

Nissui owns the "Gin Gin" brand, a label given only to farmed fish whose history has been traced from production to shipment and which are perfected to high quality based on unique feed. "Kurose Yellowtail" has been added to the lineup of products available under this brand, and is being sold through Nissui's sales network. It can be considered the top product in the "Gin Gin" series, in the sense that Nissui directly operates the farming farm which produces "Kurose Yellowtail", whereas coho salmon from the Sanriku coastline marketed under the "Gin Gin" brand is actually farmed by affiliated aquaculture companies under the guidance and management of Nissui.

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