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Efforts Being Made by the Expanding Cod Roe Business - Reinforcing the links, expanding the business, and developing the overseas markets


Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. (Nissui) has consolidated Hakata Marukita Suisan Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Kitaichi Co., Ltd. Utilizing the synergy created by the addition of these two companies, which are well-established brand names renowned for their superior cod roe processing skills, the Group's cod roe business is expected to shift from the existing raw fish roe business to a business more oriented toward processing. The Group, as it eyes possible expansion into the overseas markets, is set to enlarge its entire cod roe business as well as increase its added value.

Aiming to become the leader of the industry by enhancing the brand value

Hakata Marukita Suisan Co., Ltd., which was established in December 2009, began operations in February 2010, while Tokyo Kitaichi Co., Ltd. also joined the Nissui Group in February of the same year to become a part of the cod roe business.

Hakata Marukita Co., Ltd., whose business was assumed by Hakata Marukita Suisan Co., Ltd., has been renowned for its production and sales of karashi mentaiko (Alaska Pollack roe spiced with powered red pepper) and has been ranked highly in Fukuoka, where nearly 70% of the nation's karashi mentaiko is produced. The company's brand, "Hakata Ago-otoshi," which is made by marinating the roe in the company's secret marinating sauce, has been warmly received by consumers and was awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award of Japan at the 1995 National Processed Marine Food Exhibition. "Hakata Ago-otoshi (jaw-dropping)" was named for the product's "jaw-dropping" delicious taste.

Tokyo Kitaichi Co., Ltd., on the other hand, is a company with a processing plant in Otaru, Hokkaido that manufactures and processes marine products. The "Otaru" brand is particularly popular as a brand in Hokkaido, where the sea's bounty is plentiful, and maintains an edge in the sales of tarako (salted Alaska Pollack roe) and karashi mentaiko. Plans are under way for additions to their Hokkaido plant (work is scheduled to commence in April 2010), which will enable increased production of items intended mainly for the seafood products counters of volume retailers.

The consolidation of these two companies was conducted as a part of a strengthening of supply-chain functions from raw materials procurement to product sales that utilizes "Global Links" and "Local Links," which is in line with the Medium-Term Management Plan, the "New TGL Plan (FY 2006 – FY 2011)," begun in 2006, and which will contribute substantially to the enhancement and expansion of the processing and sales segments of the cod roe business.

A strength of the Nissui Group has been its resource access to Alaska Pollack, which serves as a raw material for fish paste (surimi) products, fish ham and sausages. The Group has been building a vertically-integrated business structure for white fish, encompassing everything from resources to the final product. Regarding the cod roe business also, which handles the roe of the Alaska Pollack, the addition of the two companies'product lineup, processing technologies, and brand values is expected to optimize the synergy of the Nissui Group.

"With the addition of Hakata Marukita Suisan Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Kitaichi Co., Ltd. to the Group, we have renewed our commitment once again to delivering quality and taste, and to becoming the leader of the industry through the enhancement of our brand values," states Kenjiro Fujimoto, Executive Officer and Commissioned Fisheries Business Operating Officer.

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