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Global strategies make progress in Europe
Entering a new phase as a European sales company becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary


The Nissui Group's efforts in Europe to date

In August 2010, Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. (Nissui) made Nordic Seafood A/S ("Nordic"), which has been engaged in the sales of processed seafood including frozen seafood, surimi, and breaded-seafood for commercial-, household- and industrial use throughout Europe, its wholly-owned subsidiary. As a result, the Nissui Group's Global Links and Local Links are set to make even further progress on the European market.

The Nissui Group's Local Links in Europe

Company name
(Location of Head Office)
Main productsMain business typeSales area
[LOGO]Nordic Seafood A/S(Hirtshals, Denmark)
Nordic Seafood A/S
(Hirtshals, Denmark)
White fish, salmon, shrimp, squid, shellfish and processed foodsIndustrial, commercial and retailEurope excluding Spain and Portugal
[LOGO]J.P.Klausen & Co. A/S(Svendborg, Denmark)
J.P.Klausen & Co. A/S
(Svendborg, Denmark)
White fish products centered on fillets and surimiIndustrialThroughout Europe
[LOGO]Europacifico Alimentos Del Mar SL (Bilbao, Spain)
Europacifico Alimentos Del Mar SL (Bilbao, Spain)
Hake, Argentinean red shrimp, scampi, anglerfish, squid and octopusCommercial and retailSpain and Portugal
[LOGO]Cité Marine S.A.S.(Kervignac, France)
Cité Marine S.A.S.
(Kervignac, France)
Processed foodsCommercial and retailFrance
[LOGO]Nippon Suisan (Europe), B.V.(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Nippon Suisan (Europe), B.V.
(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
European headquarters

The Nissui Group's efforts in Europe to date

December 1988
Establishes Nippon Suisan Europe ("Nissui Europe") (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
January 2001
Consolidates New Zealand's Sealord Group, Ltd. ("Sealord") into the Group (Acquired 50% of shares).
September 2003
Makes equity investments in J.P.Klausen & Co. A/S ("J.P.Klausen") (Svenborg, Denmark), Sealord's sales company in Europe. Integrates Nissui Europe's function of industrial white fish sales into J.P.Klausen.
October 2004
Nippon Suisan, Sealord and FrioSur, S.A, ("FrioSur") establish Europacifico Alimentos Del Mar SL ("Europacifico"), a company to engage in sales of marine products, in Vigo Spain. Nissui Europe integrates its sales function in Spain and Portugal into Europacifico.
April 2006
Acquires shares of Nordic Seafood (Hirtshals, Denmark), a company engaged in sales of marine products. J.P.Klausen becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nordic Seafood and the function of surimi sales, which had previously been held by Nissui Europe, is integrated into J.P.Klausen. Nordic Seafood builds a solid framework as the distributor of white fish in Europe. The foundation is laid for the development of sales channels for marine products that cut across industrial sales, food services sales and retail sales in all European markets.
October 2007
Acquires shares of marine food processing company, Cité Marine S.A.S. ("Cité Marine") (Kervignac, France).
August 2010
Makes Nordic Seafood a wholly-owned subsidiary.
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