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The Research and Development Base of the Nissui Group
The Tokyo Innovation Center is completed in 2011


In commemorating its 100th anniversary, Nissui constructs an R&D base

The first floor entrance of the Tokyo Innovation Center, which promotes the concept of "Visualization." Unobstructed views to the fourth floor can be enjoyed from the uncovered stairwells on each floor.

In an effort to fortify its research and development (R&D) capabilities, the cornerstone of its business expansion, Nissui, in April 2011, launched the Tokyo Innovation Center in Hachioji, Tokyo, and consolidated its R&D and product development divisions. For Nissui, which commemorated its 100th anniversary in May of the same year, the Center will serve as the R&D base for the next 100 years. It is hoped that this improvement of the research environment will enhance the speed and quality of R&D and product development.

Nissui was founded in 1911. It was nine years later in 1920 that the first private fishery research organization, the Hayatomo Fishery Research Group, was established. Although the research organization subsequently went through successive name changes; Nissan Fishery Research Center, Nippon Suisan Research Center and Nippon Suisan Central Research Laboratory; it has always been engaged in the research of marine resources, processing methods and aquaculture, and has been consistently producing innovative research results.

In 1967 the Central Research Laboratory was relocated to the premises of the Hachioji General Plant (Kitano-machi, Hachioji-shi) and subsequently as the various R&D functions changed or grew in importance, each function was established separately from the Central Research Laboratory, while new functions were also added and existing functions were reorganized.

Consequently, the Product Research & Development Center, the Technology Development Center and the Food Safety Research Center came to be located at the Hachioji General Plant premises, while the Oita Marine Biological Technology Center was located in Saeki-shi, Oita Prefecture and the Human Life Science R&D Center and the Bio-production Research Center were located at the Head Office.
However, as a result of these development, and particularly because the Central Research Laboratory and the other Centers located at the Hachioji General Plant premises had been in the same location for over 40 years, each facility was becoming old and crowded. Moreover, as the Laboratory and the Centers were dispersed throughout the Hachioji grounds, they faced the difficulty of maintaining mutual cooperation and communication.
Therefore, as part of Nissui's 100th anniversary commemorative project, the Tokyo Innovation Center was built to bring together the R&D divisions that had been dispersed throughout the premises of the Hachioji General Plant.

The Tokyo Innovation Center is housed in a four-story building located among the rolling green hills of Musashino, in Hachioji Minamino, near Hachioji Station on the JR Yokohama Line. The gathering in one place of the R&D divisions is hoped to result in the strengthening of Nissui's R&D capabilities as well as bringing the various research projects closer to commercialization. Furthermore, Nissui hopes that the Center will be instrumental in deepening the communication with its customers, the local community and society, an in Nissui becoming a good corporate citizen. The Tokyo Innovation Center is slated to become the R&D base to support the next 100 years of the Nissui Group.

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