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Programs at Nissui to Ensure Safety and Reliability
Programs at Nissui to Ensure Safety and Reliability
Nissui handles everything from the access to marine resources to the processing of finished products, yet it only has one mission: to offer customers safe and tasty foods and products.
July 2013 issue : No.75
Fine Chemicals Business
Making EPA more accessible. Developing food products containing EPA.
In the interests of making the benefits of EPA available to as many people as possible, Nissui continues to develop food products readily accessible to ordinary consumers.
November 2012 issue : No.73
Yellowtail Aquaculture Business Using Artificial Seedlings
Yellowtail Aquaculture Business Using Artificial Seedlings
"Kurose Yellowtail", a brand of farmed Yellowtail, is the product of maximum utilization of the Nissui Group network.
July 2012 issue : No.72
Nissui's Social Contribution Activities
Nissui's Social Contribution Activities
As a good corporate citizen, Nissui continually strives to deepen its communication with society and engages in various activities to contribute to society.
November 2012 issue : No.71
Nissui's centennial celebrations
Carrying Nissui's 100-Year Dream into the Future
The opening of the Nissui Pioneer Exhibition as part of Nissui's centennial celebrations
November 2011 issue : No.70
The Research and Development Base
The Research and Development Base of the Nissui Group
The Tokyo Innovation Center is completed in 2011
June 2011 issue : No.69
Cod Roe Business
Efforts Being Made by the Expanding Cod Roe Business
Reinforcing the links, expanding the business, and developing the overseas markets
April 2010 issue : No.65
Streamlining the supply chain
Streamlining the supply chain that goes beyond the corporate framework
Downsizing and downweighting in concert with the industry
January 2010 issue : No.64
Fine Chemicals Business
Contributing to "Life" by effectively utilizing the bounties of the sea
The Fine Chemicals Business goes ahead with qualitative reforms and the quantitative business expansion
August 2009 issue : No.63
Deepwater exploration in Japan
The people, things and technology that decipher the mysteries of the seas with science
Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd. supporting offshore and deepwater exploration
March 2009 issue : No.62
Aquaculture business in Japan (2) Bluefin Tuna
Toward the Development of a Supply Chain for Bluefin Tuna Aquaculture Business in Japan
Safe, Worthwhile Products Delivered through Local Links
March 2008 issue : No.59
Aquaculture business in Japan (1) Kurose Yellowtail
The Product of Our Integrated Farming Business - "Gin Gin Ikijime Kurose Yellowtail"
Creating a New Supply Chain based on
an Integrated Management & Production System
September 2004 issue : No.49
North America
White Fish Business
Reorganization of the White Fish Business in North America
Further enhancement of the White Fish Business in North America as GFC becomes an affiliate of the Nissui Group
December 2008 issue : No.61
Leading the Precooked Frozen Seafood Market through Ceaseless Innovation
Tracing the History of Gorton’s, Inc.,
a Nissui Group Company Based in North America
April 2005 issue : No.50
South America
Global expansion
Global expansion of the Nissui Group's salmon and trout business
Responding to diverse needs through collaboration among group companies
February 2011 issue : No.68
Salmon and Trout aquaculture in Chile
Expanding the Worldwide Salmon and Trout Market through Nissui's Unique Global Supply Chain
Chile Form the Core of Delivering Valuable Food Products to the World's Dinner Tables
August 2007 issue : No.57
Nissui's Unique Integrated Aquaculture Business
Providing Safe, Reliable Feed for its Unique Integrated Aquaculture Business
Using Our Powerful Purchasing Network to Promote Safe, Reliable Feed Production
September 2006 issue : No.54
Asia / Oceania
A new chicken plant in China
A new chicken plant in China
A change to and expansion of our processed chicken products business
The goals Nissui wishes to achieve with the new plant, in conjunction with the existing plant in Beijing, are qualitative change and quantitative expansion in the chicken processing business.
March 2013 issue : No.74
Frozen Prepared Foods Business in China
Measures for safety in the Frozen Prepared Foods Business in China
Strengthening and improving an already excellent quality control system
August 2008 issue : No.60
Global Market of Shrimp
Delivering Safe, Succulent Shrimp to the World Market
Accessing a Variety of Shrimp Resources and Tapping an Expanding Market
March 2006 issue : No.53
Global strategies make progress in Europe
Global strategies make progress in Europe
Entering a new phase as a European sales company becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary
January 2011 issue : No.67
Cité Marine
Expanding European Business by Building Nissui's Unique Vertically-Integrated System
Gaining Further Competitiveness in the European Market by Acquiring French producer of processed seafood
November 2007 issue : No.58
White Fish Market in Europe
Aiming for Share Growth in the European White Fish Market
Using our Unique Corporate DNA to Tap New Markets across Europe
August 2005 issue : No.51