Our Vision

"NISSUI's genes"inherited beyond centuries

Continuing the spirit of the founding principle, three corporate codes to be followed have been established and Basic Management Policies were set to aim for our vision.
Our Declaration on Action of CSR resolves to find solutions to social issues through business activities.

Basic Management Policies

We will champion the sustainable utilization of marine resources and the preservation of the earth environment, continue to create diverse value from resources, including marine resources, and provide individual consumers with safe and high quality products thus helping them to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

  • Create a global value network of resources including marine resources.
  • Focus on R&D and marketing, and aim to create value and functions from the viewpoint of individual consumers.
  • Embrace the vision of entrepreneurs and engage in various innovations.
  • Utilize the resources of earth and the sea in a sustainable and effective way and respect the environment.
  • Fulfill our corporate responsibility and enhance our brand value.

Declaration on Action of CSR

The Nissui Group will appreciate the earth and the sea, and create diverse values from 5 genes (mission, innovation, hands-on approach, global, and value the customers) inherited since its foundation and try to solve social issues through the business activities.

For the customer

  • We provide safe and secure high quality products which are valuable for the customers.
  • We utilize bounty of the sea and provide the delights of foods and the rich and healthy lives through the innovation.

For the employee

  • We act in accordance to the norms of the society with sound ethics and aim to build a socially trusted company.
  • We respect diverse values and individualities, and achieve growth through teamwork by learning from others.

For the business partner

  • We maintain fair and clean business relationship with all of our business partners.
  • We try to build mutual trusting relationship with business partners and seek a sustainable society with them.

For environment

  • We work hard to reduce environmental burdens and preserve natural environment and bio diversity.
  • We recognize that our business is relied on the bounty of the earth and the sea, and work hard to utilize resources in a sustainable manner.

For the shareholder

  • We operate in a transparent manner and improve disclosure of information.
  • We try to enhance corporate value and continue a proper distribution of profit to the shareholders through stable business growth.

For society

  • We work hard to develop local society and cultivate next generation through the knowledge and the technology of the Nissui Group.
  • We respect diverse cultures and customs in the world and try to contribute to keeping the local society alive with the development of our business.

Established:March 22 2016

Employee Health Declaration

At the Nissui Group, we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset, and we want to see all employees be able to fully demonstrate their abilities. We also aim to improve the quality of life of our employees and their families by ensuring proper workplace conditions and by actively supporting both mental and physical health.As a company that works with resources from the sea, we offer suggestions for healthy diets, try to maximize the use of functional components derived from seafood, and aim to contribute to the healthy lives of people everywhere, from our employees and their families to customers around the world.

Established: February 23, 2017

Nissui Group Basic Procurement Policy

The Nissui Group declares that it will appreciate the bounty of the earth and sea, and create diverse value through following the company's "five genes", carried forward since its foundation, and will try to solve social issues through the business activities covered in our CSR Action Declaration.
Based on that, the Nissui group developed its Nissui Group Basic Procurement Policy in order to meet the expectations of stakeholders, and to contribute to society when purchasing raw materials and products.
The Nissui Group is promoting procurement through relationships built on trust, with suppliers who understand and cooperate with this policy.

(1) Procurement Policy

  1. 1.Suppliers and partners shall be selectively chosen, taking quality, cost, delivery timing, and service into consideration.
  2. 2.The Nissui Group shall be open to new supplier candidates.
  3. 3.Transactions shall be conducted with fair quality and price maintained by getting material safety data sheets and competitive quotes.
  4. 4.The Nissui Group shall promote cost reduction in a positive manner on the condition of safety assurances and quality improvement.

(2) Compliance, Procurement Ethics

  1. 1.The Nissui Group shall comply with laws and regulations of all relevant countries, including Japanese law and internal company rules.
  2. 2.The Nissui Group shall fulfill its contracts faithfully with suppliers and partners.
  3. 3.The Nissui Group shall understand the significance of information it obtains through transactions and preserve the confidentiality of such information.
  4. 4.The Nissui Group shall build relationships of trust with suppliers and partners through fair, open and transparent procedures.
  5. 5.Corrupt or dishonest behavior, including granting and/or receipt of inappropriate benefits, is entirely rejected by the Nissui Group.

(3) Awareness of Environmental Preservation

  1. 1.The Nissui Group shall promote purchasing of raw materials and products that take environmental preservation of the Earth and local regions into consideration.
  2. 2.The Nissui Group shall seek confirmation that the raw materials and products it purchases have been harvested or produced having regard to principles of sustainability, biodiversity and of preservation of ecosystems.
  3. 3.The Nissui Group shall purchase raw materials and products from suppliers that are conscious of cyclical usage of resources and energy.

(4) Respect for Human Rights

  1. 1.Suppliers are requested to provide raw materials and products that are not associated with forced labor, child labor or the inhuman treatment of employees.
  2. 2.The Nissui Group shall purchase raw materials and products provided by suppliers who ensure that their working environments respect employees' freedom of association and are free from discrimination.
  3. 3.The Nissui Group shall purchase raw materials and products produced in safe and clean work environments.

(5) Collaboration with Suppliers and Partners

  1. 1.The Nissui Group shall promote close collaboration with suppliers as important business partners.
  2. 2.The Nissui Group shall ask suppliers and partners to acknowledge this policy and support and cooperate with the principles set out in this policy.
  3. 3.Various proposals by suppliers and partners are examined and seriously considered by the Nissui Group.

Established: August 28, 2017

Medium Term Business Plan

The Nissui Group's Medium Term Business Plan is outlined here.