Development at the Planning Stage

New Frozen Time- and Energy-saving Food

Nissui developed a new type of frozen food designed to thaw naturally at room temperature. It's as simple to use as selecting a portion in a cup and placing it in your lunch box.

The "Obento ni Benri" (Convenient for Box Lunches) brand, launched in 1999, was the first product of its kind. It was an innovative type of product designed to thaw naturally and be ready to eat just in time for lunch.
In 2008, we changed the brand's name to "Shizenkaito de Oishii" (Delicious Thawed at Room Temperature) and replaced plastic with paper cups for the individual portions. We expanded the line with many new menu options, making it popular among busy people preparing box lunches for themselves or their families.

1. The Quest for the Perfect Frozen Food Needing No Reheating

The "Shizenkaito de Oishii" (Delicious Thawed at Room Temperature) brand was developed in response to consumers who wanted more convenient products to use when preparing box lunches.
The 1990s were a decade that saw development of prepared frozen foods evolving toward ever more convenient and safer options, shifting from items requiring deep frying or baking in a toaster oven to heating in a microwave oven.

Later, customers requested even more convenient frozen foods, in order to save time preparing box lunch side dishes during busy mornings.
The ultimate concept that Nissui developed was frozen foods that merely need to be taken out of the freezer.
Portion-size side dishes come in individual cups, so the only preparation needed is to place the cup in the lunch box.

2. Tasty and Time-saving

Frozen food designed to thaw naturally is a very convenient option, but we were concerned that consumers would be worried about the safety of using a frozen food without reheating it.
To put minds at ease, we made the product using safe ingredients and adopted stringent manufacturing standards and quality control.

We use ingredients sourced from farms contracted to us and go to the farms to train producers directly. Vegetables are washed in special machines for that purpose and the products are made on production lines meeting strict inspection standards.
We also designed and developed a process for attractively packing the cups containing a colorful assortment of ingredients into the trays.

3. Save Energy, No Thawing Necessary

In spring 2008, we revamped our line of side dishes designed to thaw naturally at room temperature, launched under the brand name "Obento ni Benri" (Convenient for Box Lunches) series in 1999. We later changed the brand name to "Shizenkaito de Oishii" (Delicious Thawed at Room Temperature), and these products enjoy wide popularity among consumers.

We made numerous changes over the years, not just expanding the variety of food items offered but also switching from plastic to paper cups.
We plan to continue developing products that are tasty precisely because they thaw at room temperature as we further improve quality and perfect our technology.