Presentation at the 22nd International Congress of Nutrition on Research on Muscle Hypertrophy from Alaska Pollack "Protein of Fast-twitch skeletal muscles"


The Food Function R&D Center of Nissui Corporation (Representative Board Member, President & CEO: Shingo Hamada, Minato-ku, Tokyo) initiated joint research with Ehime University in 2009 on the muscle hypertrophic effects of Alaska pollack protein (APP), which was protein of fast-twitch skeletal muscles, and in March 2018, the APP Research Group (*1) was established to create a research organization to conduct joint research with 18 universities and research institutions including Ehime University and the University of Tokyo.

A review of the studies conducted to date on the muscle hypertrophic effects of APP was presented on December 8 at a symposium at the 22nd IUNS-ICN International Congress of Nutrition in Tokyo (held from December 6 to 11, 2022 at the Tokyo International Forum). At the same time, four poster presentations were also delivered. It was the first time that research related to the muscle hypertrophic effects of APP was presented at an international conference.

■ Symposium
Title: Dietary fish protein improves skeletal muscle weight
Presenters: Taro Kishida (Ehime University), Kenji Uchida (Nissui Corporation), Mina Fujitani (Ehime University), Takafumi Mizushige (Utsunomiya University), Fuminori Kawabata (Hirosaki University), Kohsuke Hayamizu (Yokohama Pharmaceutical University), Shinji Okada (The University of Tokyo), Naoko Inoue (Nihon University), Kohei Watanabe (Chukyo University), Hiroyasu Mori (Tokushima University)

Abstract: We summarized the muscle hypertrophic effects of Alaska pollack fast-twitch muscle protein studied by the APP Research Group to date. Basic research confirmed muscle hypertrophy (especially hypertrophy of fast-twitch muscles) and showed that the mechanism includes a phenomenon similar to a post-exercise muscle hypertrophy event and a decrease in gene expression of muscle degradation. There was also indication that the active ingredient may possibly be a peptide. In human clinical trials, the results of nutritional intervention alone as well as combined exercise and nutritional intervention showed the effects of muscle hypertrophy and increased muscle strength.

■ Poster Presentations
Title: Effects of Alaska pollack protein intake on skeletal muscle mass and strength in older people requiring for nursing care
Presenter: Kenji Uchida (Nissui Corporation), et al.

Title: Effects of Alaska pollack protein intake on skeletal muscle mass and strength in healthy older women
Presenter: Eriko Yoshida (Nissui Corporation), et al

Title: Comprehensive proteome analyses revealed the signal transduction of skeletal muscle hypertrophy
Presenter: Mizuki Morisasa (Nihon University), et al

Title: Dietary Alaska pollack protein increases skeletal muscle weight and decreases gene expression of negative regulators of skeletal muscle mass in rats
Presenter: Mina Fujitani (Ehime University), et al

*1 The APP Research Group is a research consortium consisting of multiple research institutes and belongs to the research and development platform, "Search for Materials Derived from Marine Products to Improve Functional Locomotion," that is part of the "Field for Knowledge Integration and Innovation (FKII)" initiative by the Council of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration run by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan.