Creation of a New Symbol Mark for "Nissui GLOBAL LINKS ": Representing the Nissui Group's Global Collaborative Efforts


Nissui Corporation ("Nissui") (Representative Board Member, President & CEO: Shingo Hamada; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) has established a new symbol mark for "Nissui GLOBAL LINKS," representing the interconnectedness of Nissui Group companies spanning the globe.

Since its establishment as a network of domestic and overseas Group companies (consolidated subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates) and partner companies responsible for various functions within the supply chain under the Mid-term Business Plan "TGL" in 2001, Nissui GLOBAL LINKS has expanded and optimally positioned its various functions, enabling it to provide products to people around the world.
Embracing this fundamental concept in the long-term vision "Good Foods 2030" announced last year, various companies that share the new mission of "providing better food choices for people around the world" have come together to leverage their unique strengths in their respective businesses while working together to create synergies. In the supply chain that connects the ocean's resources to the table, each individual company strives to excel in its area of strength and provide high-value-added products, aiming for "Nissui GLOBAL LINKS."
To symbolize and embody the essence of this concept, we are pleased to announce the creation of a new symbol mark. This symbol mark will effectively represent Nissui's global presence to the public, while strengthening the sense of unity among the various companies and fostering greater cohesion. The new logo will be used in various settings, including websites, business cards, and trade shows, to effectively communicate the affiliation of each Group company as a proud member of "Nissui GLOBAL LINKS."
We will continue to refine the unique capabilities of "Nissui GLOBAL LINKS" and create innovative food solutions that contribute to the well-being of people around the world while fostering a sustainable future.

About the Symbol Mark Design
Nissui's GLOBAL LINKS, in which the entire globe serves as our field of operation, is represented by a three-dimensional logo mark. The design features an outer circle representing the Earth and ellipses symbolizing orbital paths encircling it, with different densities on the front and back. With the Nissui brand symbol at its center, the design showcases the interconnectedness and cooperation between Nissui and its Group companies operating in various countries around the world, aligning harmoniously with our corporate mission.