Global Network (Japan)

Hokkaido Area

Sasaya Shoten Co., Ltd. (Marine products production and sales)
Begun in 1975, Sasaya Shoten was incorporated in 1983 as marine products processing company in Kushiro City, Hokkaido, handling raw materials chiefly from Hokkaido. The company became part of the Nissui Group in 2007. Kushiro City is among the top municipalities in Japan whose economy is based on seafood. Since the founding of Sasaya Shoten Co., Ltd., the group has actively invested in plants and equipment. As a result, the company has introduced the most advanced processing methods, has bolstered its processing equipment. With its computer-controlled uniform production lines, Sasaya Shoten handles the general processing of salmon, trout, saury, roe and other seafood, and produces surimi fish paste, fish meal and other processed seafood.
Hokkaido Nissui Co.,Ltd. (Cold storage management / marine products production and sales / food sales)
In April of 2008, Teiiion Co., a member of the Nissui Group, aquired a part of the food products sales business of the Sapporo branch and the marine products sales business that belonged to the Sapporo Marine Products Sales Section of the Marine Products Business Department of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. The name of the company was then changed to Hokkaido Nissui Co., Ltd. With its Refrigeration Division (Sapporo and Hakodate), Fisheries Products Marketing & Sales Department, Food Marketing Division, and Marine Products Processing Plant, Hokkaido Nissui combines the logistics, marketing, and processing functions within a single company serving as a crucial hub in the Nissui Group's supply chain in Hokkaido area.
Hokkaido Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Processing Functional lipids(EPA,DHA etc) from fish origin)
Established in December of 2008, Hokkaido Fine Chemicals took over the biotech and other businesses from Nikkashi Co., Ltd. Today, at its headquarters in Hakodate, Hokkaido Prefecture, it manufactures refined fish oils, including DHA and EPA, and manufactures and sells health food products and raw materials for pharmaceuticals. The dedicated fish oil tanks have some of the largest storage capacities in Japan. The fish oil manufacturing facilities are certified for exporting to the EU and U.S., and also have HACCP, kosher, and halal certifications.
  • 3-6, AsanoMachi, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 040-0076
Wakkanai Tobu Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 1979 to operate seafood reprocessing, trading and cold storage business and joined Nissui Group in October, 2015. It began producing frozen fish products such as fish block made of Cod and Pollock at first, but gradually increased the percentage of the processing of Chum Salmon and Scallop which were procured locally and is producing and selling materials of Salmon flake and frozen Scallop adductor now. In addition, the company has been focusing on export by obtaining various certificates including Certification for Japanese Seafood Export to the United States in 1998, Approved Seafood Processors to Export by HACCP in 2008 and Certification for Japanese Seafood Export to EU in 2012.
  • 1-20 Shinko machi, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido, 097-0006

Tohoku Area

Hachikan Co., Ltd. (Food production and sales)
Hachikan Co., Ltd. was established in November of 2004 as a joint venture by Hachinohe Kanzume Co., Ltd. and Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. The company has two plants in the city of Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture: one for frozen foods and one for shelf-stable foods (canning and bottling). With "Environmentally friendly foods plants" as its motto, Hachikan produces safe, reliable, and high-quality frozen and shelf-stable foods. Representative items produced include frozen foods such as gratins and rice casseroles, croquettes, shiromizakana fry (fried whitefish), squid tempura, and grilled salmon, bottled foods such as flaked salmon and crushed cod roe, and canned foods such as flavored mackerel and squid, eye of scallop, king crab, snow crab, and beef yamatoni (beef boiled with soy sauce, sugar and ginger).
Mogami Foods Co., Ltd.(Food production and sales)
Mogami Foods was established in 1967 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. for the purpose of producing canned fruits and vegetables. Initially, the company produced locally-harvested canned fruit, canned marine products such as whale meat, and desserts such as mitsumame (sweet beans and fruit in jelly). Mogami later expanded into areas like the production of ready-to-eat foods (in retort pouches), frozen foods, and chilled foods, but in 2004 the company decided to produce frozen foods exclusively. The following year the company expanded and rebuilt most of its existing facilities, and in 2008 it increased the number of production lines in operation. Today, our core products are toppings for champon noodles and frozen foods meant to be thawed at room temperature. We continue to focus our efforts on reasonably-priced, high-quality, safe and trustworthy products.

Kanto / Koshinetsu Area

Delmar Co., Ltd. (Food production and sales)
Delmar Co., Ltd. was established in 1947 (has been in Business since 1938) and has been producing and selling precooked frozen foods mainly from seafood for the market such as Japan, East Asia and South East Asia including Thailand.
Delmar joined the Nissui Group in July 2010. Its main products are made from fresh white fish from the Bering Sea and others, shrimp from South East Asia, mainly from Thailand, and rich-flavored salmon grown in the water off Hokkaido.
Quick freezing these materials in order not to lose their flavor, Delmar manufactures final products such as fish fry and shrimp fry under the world-class product standard and quality control. Its production sites include Hachikan co, Ltd. (Hachinohe-city, Aomori), contracted manufacturing, and manufacturing subsidiary in Thailand (Thai Delmar, Samut Prakan Province, Thailand)
Delmar also has a Hachinohe plant, producing and tank-leasing of fat.
Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Medical products production and sales)
Nissui Pharmaceutical Co. was founded in 1935 to develop ways to effectively utilize marine resources and to research production methods for seafood processing. Ever since, the company has been developing original drugs utilizing natural resources, diagnostic drugs that meet diverse needs for clinical tests, and industrial reagents that assist in sanitary supervision in the food industry, all with the aim of helping people achieve health and happiness. We also promote safe and proper forms of self-medication that contribute to a better quality of life.
Hohsui Corporation (Marine products sales / fresh fish retail business)
Hohsui Co. was founded in August of 1945 as a fishing business operating of the shores in Tokyo Bay. It expanded westward and got into the business of trawling and bonito and tuna fishing. In 1955, with the company's foray into the field of North Sea salmon and trout fishing, it deepened its ties with Nissui and became a member of the Nissui Group. Later, as a result of stronger enforcement of the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone rules, the company greatly shifted the focus of its business from actual fishing to the purchasing, processing, and wholesale of marine products. At present, as a wholesaler of marine products with cold storage business and fresh seafood sales divisions, the company sells seafood (shrimp, crab, frozen fish, and more) from a consumer-oriented perspective. It also operates a distribution business, which is centered on its cold storage services. Hohsui shall remain committed to the development and sales of safe and reliable products that meet consumer needs and to continually improving the quality of its cold storage distribution operations.
Suisan Ryutsu Co., Ltd.(Seafood-ECR)
To honor its commitment to providing the optimum solutions in the marine products distribution covering everything from procurement to sales (from procurement, storage, processing for distribution, shipping to retail support), Suisan Ryutsu operates four centers located in the cities of Itami in Hyogo Prefecture, Funabashi in Chiba Prefecture, Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture, and Sapporo in Hokkaido Prefecture, which supply mainly the seafood sections of volume retail stores. Our motto is "co-operation", and in that spirit, in March of 2008 we split off from Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. as a separate company for the purpose of instituting even more productive changes to our seafood distribution systems in cooperation with our clients.
  • 6-6-3,Toyosu,Koto-ku,Tokyo 135-0061
Nissui Engineering Co., Ltd.(Construction / production technical consulting)
Founded in December of 1978, Nissui Engineering Co. is currently headquartered in Shiba, Minato City, Tokyo, but also maintains an office in Kitakyushu City. The company is engaged in engineering related to plant operations, including food and marine product processing, logistics, cold storage, fine chemical plants, research facilities, aquaculture facilities and more. We provide seamless services, from planning, design, procurement, construction and installation to assistance with maintenance. We can handle a broad range of projects, including new construction, expansions, renovations, and repairs. We also work to create value by reducing the environmental impact of our services by maintaining high levels of efficiency and conserving energy and resources. We shall remain steadfast in our pursuit customer satisfaction through highly customized engineering services.
Nissui Logistics Corporation (Cold storage management / freight transportation)
In April of 2007, Tobu Reizo and Seibu Reizo, which were companies created out of the reorganization and consolidation of the Nissui Group's domestic cold storage business companies, merged together and then absorbed Nippon Suisan Kaisha's cold storage division as it split off from Nissui. The company was renamed Nissui Logistics Corporation. As a result, we currently have 17 centers spread across the Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, and Kyushu regions, out of which we operate our main cold storage business. Our goals are to improve our low-cost operations by efficiently using the capabilities and institutional knowledge of individual companies, to enhance our competitiveness, and to expand and stabilize our business by cultivating local clients and gaining regional clients. Our cold chain logistics system helps clients construct supply chains that are optimal for their businesses.
Nippon Cookery Co., Ltd. (Food production and sales)
Nippon Cookery was formed as a wholly-owned Nissui subsidiary in January of 1998 through a restructuring which merged four companies that produced bento boxed lunches, onigiri rice balls, ready-made dishes and other chilled foods for major convenience store chains. Those companies were: Hello Delica, Kansai Cookery, Himeji Fresh Foods, and Chilldy Narashino Plant. We have a broad product lineup that includes bento, onigiri, sushi, and other rice dishes, noodle dishes such as soba, udon, and pastas in addition to prepared salads and sandwiches and other stuffed and topped breads. These products are made by our approximately 3,100-member production and quality control staff working in three shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at our seven plants spread across the Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, and Kyushu areas.
Tokyosuisanunyu Corporaition (Agency of warehousing and shipping)
On April 1st, 2008, Yamate Service Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Suisan Unyu Corporation were merged to form a new company, though the name of the latter was kept. The company is a member of the groups of both Yamate Reizo Co., Ltd. and Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. Tokyo Suisan Unyu Corporation will continue to improve upon its capabilities as a specialized cargo company in the logistic business so that it can provide quality service to its clients, and will work even harder so that it can contribute to healthier and richer lifestyles for its customers.
Chilldy Co., Ltd.(Chilled food production and sales)
Chilldy was established on the premises of the Nippon Suisan Hachioji Plant in November of 1983 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nissui for the purpose of producing and selling chilled foods in mainly the Greater Tokyo Area. In March of 1985, the company established a production division and began the production and sale of chilled foods such as vegetable salads and one-pot dishes, which went mainly to convenience stores. In July of 2008, the company acquired Kanto Fresh Foods Co., which became the Narashino Plant, where its operations continued. We currently have two plants, which supply mostly convenience stores and restaurants with ready-made dishes.
  • Nippon Suisan Hachioji Plant, 559-6, Kitano-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0906
Yokohama Trading Corporation (Marketing / import / export of marine products)
Since our establishment in 1968, the core focus of Yokohama Trading Corporation has been trade with Russia. We became a member of the Nissui Group in 1992, and we have offices in four locations in Russia. We are steadily growing our market share of salmon, crab, shrimp, Alaska pollack roe, and other seafood harvested in the waters off Russia and in the Far East. We are currently taking advantage of the Nissui Group's supply chain to expand not just our mainstay of seafood imports to Japan but also sales spanning the global market, including Asia, North America, Russia, and other areas. As one of the top domestic traders of marine products from Russia, we will continue to provide our customers with tasty wild (non-cultured) seafood products.
Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd. (Management of mother ship of deep-sea research submarine, and research ship of human activities at deep sea)
Nippon Marine Enterprises was established in January of 1980 for the purpose of running and managing on a contractual basis a deep sea research support vessel owned by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. The company later expanded its services to include oceanographic survey vessels, ships for academic research, and even technical assistance with research. Today we are running six vessels under contract. As is clear from the Basic Act on Ocean Policy, there are high expectations for oceanographic surveys and research endeavors. We at Nippon Marine Enterprises are dedicated to honing the hands-on skills at sea we inherited from Nippon Suisan so that we may give back to society and contribute to the further development of the Nissui Group.
Yamatsu Suisan Co., Ltd. (Marine products and food sales / marine products wholesale)
Yamatsu Suisan was founded in December of 1950 when the Naritsune Mercantile Store was organized as company engaged in the wholesale of fresh seafood. The company became an affiliate of Nippon Suisan in 1964. In October of 1984, the processing and refrigeration divisions were established as a separate company called Yamatsu Refrigerated Foods. By making full use of its capabilities as a wholesaler, distribution center, and supplier of safe and reliable food products, the company will continue to fulfill its mission of offering a stable supply of seafood products with true value to local communities. Furthermore, Yamatsu is committed to maintaining and furthering the tradition of fish-based diets through interaction with markets and local community residents.

Chubu / Kansai Area

Carry Net Co., Ltd. (Transportation)
The company began in November of 1971 as Aichi Suisan Unyu Co. and changed its name to the current Carry Net in May of 1991. Its chief business is transporting frozen cargo in trucks and other vehicles, operating across its network spanning from Tohoku to Kyushu. Logistics is a fluid industry, subject to changes resulting from advances in information technologies, the easing of regulations, and the diversification of consumer needs. Environmental issues have also become an important concern in the industry. We at Carry Net have earned certifications in ISO 9001, which is the international quality management standard, and ISO 14001, which is the international standard for environmental management systems. We are committed to helping our clients by applying our knowhow to offer them optimal logistics systems that they truly need at low costs and high levels of quality.
Tomiso Co.,Ltd. (Food production and sales)
With "Safe, trustworthy, and tasty" as the company motto, Tomiso was established in 1989 in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture. We are a dedicated manufacturer of traditional Japanese fish paste products. We have always made and will continue to make high-quality and tasty agemono (fried fish paste), chikuwa (fish sausage), and crab-flavored kamaboko (steamed surimi paste) for our customers.
Daisui Co., Ltd.(Marine products and low temperature food wholesale)
Daisui was founded in July of 1939 as the Osaka Frozen Shrimp Company. In 1947 the name of the company was changed to the Osaka Marine Products Company, and the following year, when the company became a licensed forwarding agency in Osaka Prefecture, it changed its name again to the current Daisui Co., Ltd. As a wholesaler of marine products operating at the central wholesale markets in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, Daisui sets prices swiftly and fairly through auctions and such, and delivers products to intermediate wholesalers and other authorized buyers. These fairly traded marine products are then delivered to retail stores, supermarkets, or food processing companies. Simply put, Daisui fulfills its critical mission of maintaining the balance between supply and demand so that products get to consumers in stable quantities and at stable prices.
Hokuriku Fresh Foods Co., Ltd. (Food production and sales)
Hokuriku Fresh Foods was established in 1993 in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture. Utilizing the bounties of the cool, clear, and fruitful waters around us, we produce chilled ready-made dishes, rice dishes, and prepared noodle dishes to be sold mainly at convenience stores, as we pursue our ideal of "always safe, always trustworthy, and always delicious". Our products are chosen by a great number of customers, who purchase them at our client stores. Because of our commitment to making quality goods, our greatest source of joy is the fact that customers recognize value in our products and are satisfied by them. It is also what motivates us to put even more of our energy into developing products that better suit our customers' needs.
K-Teion Foods Co., Ltd. (General food wholesale)
K-Teion Foods was established in October of 2006 in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture as a general foods wholesaler. At present, we have 15 logistics centers located in the Kinki, Chubu, and Greater Tokyo areas. We at K-Teion Foods feel that it is our mission to bring about a new era in cold chain distribution. To that end, we are strengthening our merchandising capabilities in the cold foods and food service fields. We now consider logistics and retail support to be our core businesses, and we will continue to improve upon our intermediate distribution capabilities. Furthermore, we are committed to the development of the human resources and systems that make the above possible, and to creating and developing new services and features with a view to the future, which we shall accomplish through continual dialogue with our clients. We also intend to keep the Kinki area as our base of operations but expand our service network to cover the Greater Tokyo Area and eventually the entire country. Moreover, with the aim of taking on the top role in the Kato Sangyo Group's cold foods and food service operations, we hope to cooperate with other group companies to our greatest possible mutual advantage and grow together with our many partners.

Chugoku / Shikoku Area

Kunihiro Inc. (Food production and sales)
Founded in July of 1970, Kunihiro Inc. is currently based in the city of Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture, where it produces and sells raw oysters, fishery products, processed seafood, and frozen foods. Since its establishment, Kunihiro has always focused on oysters, which Hiroshima is famous for. We have also consistently maintained stringent standards regarding where the oysters were harvested, safety and health concerns, freshness, and taste. Oysters are unique in that they are the only marine products that are eaten raw without being gutted first, so safety is the highest priority. Kunihiro is extremely thorough when it comes to quality assurance, and as such we have in place sophisticated, cutting-edge testing systems with which we test for bacteria, viruses, and shellfish toxins. We also have ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications. We handle more oysters by volume than any other company in Japan, so with a deep sense of commitment, pride, and responsibility we will continue to provide products and services that delight customers and to give back to society through the foods we offer.
Hiroshimasuisan Co., Ltd(Marine products and low temperature food wholesale)
Hiroshima Suisan was established in 1984 as a wholesaler of marine products at the Hiroshima City Central Wholesale Market, which overlooks the Seto Inland Sea. Ever since, we have we have strived to serve the public good by providing communities with the safe and reliable supply of fish that they need. The fish we supply are ultimately consumed in households after being purchased in local fish stores and supermarkets. We shall continue to fulfill our commitment to society by serving as an intermediary between producers and consumers, by ensuring that the 1.3 million citizens in the Hiroshima area have access to quality products, and by enriching people's diets as a whole.
Kyowa Suisan Co., Ltd.(Fishing)
Founded in 1937, Kyowa Suisan has its roots in the Korean subsidiary Chosen Nissui. The end of World War II brought about the total loss of that company's business foundations. In spite of this devastating blow, the company was able to rebuild, and in 1947 became the present-day Kyowa Suisan Co., Ltd. Throughout the company's history, there have been numerous changes to the business climate directly affecting fisheries, such as volatility in the availability of marine resources and the establishment 200 nautical mile exclusive fishery zones, but in spite of these changes, Kyowa Suisan has continued to work at providing a steady supply of marine products through its domestic and overseas fishing operations. In October of 2008, Kyowa Suisan became a consolidated subsidiary of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, and has since played a critical role in the marine products business of the Nissui Group.
Yumigahama Suisan Co., Ltd. (aquaculture/manufacture and sale of marine products, food products)
Our company was established in December 2013. In addition to our headquarters in Sakaiminato, Tottori Prefecture, we also operate the Hongu fish farm in Yonago, Tottori, the Fukuharagawa fish farm in Kurayoshi, Tottori, and a mariculture farm in Mihowan, where we cultivate, process and sell domestic Coho salmon. Our newly established headquarter facilities in Sakaiminato, Tottori began operation on April 1, 2015 using high-level hygiene control to process farm-raised Coho salmon and other domestic fish from the Sea of Japan for raw consumption, etc., and we have created a system for distribution throughout the country.
Kaneko Shokuhin Co., Ltd.(Food production and sales)
Kaneko Shokuhin was founded in 1970. Located in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea, our business philosophy is based on the idea of making products that customers are happy to buy and feel safe doing so. We take pride as a plant that produces takoyaki (octopus dumplings), commercial fritters, and tempura products that play a role in Nissui's frozen foods sales operations. We are also and environmentally-conscious company and take an active role in addressing environmental issues. For example, we have company-wide ISO 14001 certification and use an environmental management system based on the criteria to reduce our carbon emissions. The year 2010 marked our forty-fifth year in business, and we promise to continue to try to develop even safer and tastier products, the kind of products we will be proud to pass on to the next generation.

Kyushu Area

Kitakyushu Nissui Co., Ltd. (Food production and sales)
Kitakyushu Nissui Co. was established in September of 1991 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nissui to serve as a base of production for the frozen foods business in western Japan. The company constructed a modern frozen foods plant with a total floor space of 3,000m2 on the grounds of Nissui's former Tobata Branch (in the Tobata District of Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture). It began the production of yakionigiri (grilled rice balls) and daigakuimo (candied sweet potatoes) as its core products in January of the following year. In July of 2000, Kitakyushu Nissui Co., Ltd. merged with Kitakyushu Kaneka Shokuhin Corporation, which was located in Nissui's Tobata Plant, and the site then became operational as Kitakyushu Nissui's second plant.
Nissui Marine Industries Co., Ltd.(Contractor for offshore engineering, operation and management of vessels)
Founded in January of 1996, Nissui Marine Industries Co. is currently headquartered in the Nissui Tobata Building in the Tobata District of Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, with an office in Hamamatsu-cho, Tokyo, but there are about 250 employees working on land and at sea at around 40 sites spread out over Japan and elsewhere. The three ideals inherent in our corporate philosophy are to be sincere, law-abiding, and honest. As a company that operates on land and sea over an extremely large area, we understand what corporate social responsibility means. To fulfill some of that responsibility, we try to be grateful towards the earth and its oceans, and we make a conscious effort to conduct business in ways that are sensitive to environmental issues and that use resources economically and sustainably. As a member of the Nissui Group, we are committed to providing services suited to our customers' needs, be they offshore engineering projects, ship operations, projects related to the development of offshore resources, or engineering projects on land or at sea.
Hakata Marukita Suisan Co., Ltd. (Marine products producation and sales)
Hakata Marukita Suisan was founded in December of 2009 as a successor to the business operations of the well-established Hakata Marukita Company. As a producer of spicy mentaiko, the company has always prided itself on pleasing its customers with its Hakata Agootoshi and Gyshoan brands. Our philosophy is to make good products even better, and based on this idea, our goal is to continue to be a trusted brand and preferred spicy mentaiko producer. We are committed to the continued safety and reliablility of our products and even better service so that we may please customers in even more aspects of their daily lives.
Kaneko Sangyo Co.,Ltd. (Fish farming / Marine products producation and sales/Refrigerated and cold storage management)
Kaneko Sangyo was founded in 1905 and incorporated as a company in 1987. We became a member of the Nissui Group in April of 2012. Kaneko Sangyo operates a broad range of marine product-related businesses. For example, our foods department processes and sells seafood (fresh-chilled and frozen foods), our aquaculture department cultivates fish (tuna and pufferfish), our frozen and cold-storage department stores and sells processed whole fish and frozen feed for aquaculture operations, our feed department manufactures and sells formula feed for aquaculture operations, our petroleum department sells Class A heavy oil and other petroleum products, and our affiliates operate round haul net fisheries.
Farm Choice Co., Ltd. (Fish Feed Production and sale)
Established in August 2016, Farm Choice is a core of feed for farmed fish business of Nissui. The company has head office in Imari-shi, and engages in the business based on the local fish farmers by combining the production/sale of fish feed and purchase/sale of farmed fish which was raised with the feed produced by Farm Choice.
The company's head office plant has one of the biggest production capacity in Japan.
Nagasaki Shipyard Co.,Ltd (Ship building)
Nagasaki Shipyard Co. began in 1952 as a company that refurbished and repaired ships out of the Port of Nagasaki. Since the company began shipbuilding in 1957, it has built around 640 vessels in total, including vessels for trawling in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea, seiners, official ships, passenger vessels, and special ships of Japan, as well as all sorts of exporting vessels from all over the world. To meet the demands of the growing ship sizes in recent years, we are enlarging our building berths to a gross tonnage of 1,000 while also building new all-weather shipyards, and by doing so making our facilities more practical. Moreover, we are working jointly with public and private research institutions to research and develop vessels that save energy and manpower. Through these and other endeavors, we hope to meet the diverse needs and demands of ship-owner clients.
Nippo Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Refrigerated and cold storage management / food sales)
Nippo Shokuhin Kogyo was established in September of 1961 as a joint venture with Nissui and local investors for the purpose of expanding frozen storage capabilities in the Kumamoto area. It began operations in March of 1963 with the completion of its refrigerators, ice-making equipment, and foods plant. In 1987 the company built a new foods plant in the town of Jonan in Kumamoto Prefecture and added ice-making equipment to the plant in the following year, thereby expanding Nissui's production of frozen foods. Today, in addition to producing products using the plentiful and good-quality groundwater from the Aso-Takachiho water system, the company is continually trying to refine its onsite, hands-on capabilities through ongoing efforts to develop high-quality products that rival its current staples of rice omelets and noodles.
Kurose Suisan Co., Ltd. (Fish farming)
Established in January of 2004, Kurose Suisan owns fisheries in three locations―Kushima City in Miyazaki Prefecture, where the company's headquarters are located, Nobeoka City, also in Miyazaki, and the town of Uchinoura in Kagoshima Prefecture―where it farms, processes, and sells yellowtail. One of the things that make our fish farming operations distinctive is that we use a "sink-and-surface" corve system in which the corves housing the fish are ordinarily sunk to a depth of about 10 meters underwater and surfaced when feeding the fish. Cultivating the fish in areas of the sea with good tidal flows and no blockages yields firm-fleshed yellowtail. Our plant is a seafood processing facility certified for exports to the EU. We will continue our commitment to quality assurance and to the production of safe and reliable products.
Satsuma Suisan Co., Ltd. (Fish Farming)
Established in June 2017, Satsuma Suisan farms mainly Greater Amberjack with its brand "Kanoya Kanpachi Rose". The company has farming sites at the entrance of Kinkou Bay where is one of the best sites of Greater Amberjack farming thank to the rapid current which is rich in oxygen with enough depth of the sea and best suited water temperature.
The company mainly farms and processes fish and Nissui sells the fish and processed products.
Seinan Suisan Co., Ltd. (Fish farming)
Founded in October of 1991, Seinan Suisan joined the Nissui Group in April of 2006. At present, we have five farming and live storage sites: Amami Oshima and Koshikijima in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kamiura in the city of Saiki, Oita Prefecture, Tsushima in Nagasaki Prefecture, and Ine in Kyoto Prefecture. We also have several harvesting sites for fry and juvenile fish in both the Pacific and the Sea of Japan. In 2006, we became the first and only company in Japan to catch and tow fully grown tuna, which we began storing live at Ine. The following fiscal year, we began harvesting juvenile tuna (around 3 kg per fish) in the waters around Tsushima and towing them in corves and shipping them in barges specially designed for tuna. We take relatively inexpensive juvenile tuna and uses them effectively as a marine resource by adding value to them.
  • 904-6, Tean, Setouti-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima 894-1531