Quality Assurance Code


We wish to treasure the "delicious taste" and "freshness" of materials, provide individual consumer with safe and high-quality products and thus helping them to develop healthy, rich eating life style.

To gain consumers' confidence and empathy, every member of NISSUI's staff will perform his or her duty to maintain product quality and will make every effort to obtain consumers' satisfaction.

Quality policy

  1. Efforts will be made to maintain sustainable fishery industry and aqua farming production by properly controlling available resources and by conserving aquatic environments.
  2. Efforts will be made to establish an integrated quality assurance system throughout production, including the operation of fish farms, agriculture farms, chicken farms, etc.
  3. Only materials and ingredients whose origin, source and history are acceptable shall be used, and the use of food additives shall be kept to a minimum.
  4. Products shall be processed only in plants having proper facilities, equipment and control systems, and operated by trained workers for the performance of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).
  5. A controlled distribution system will be established and maintained so that products can be delivered to consumers without suffering any deterioration in quality.
  6. Refinement of products and consumer services shall be continued toward the customer’s satisfaction by ensuring direct dialogue with them.
  7. Business activities and the preparation of products shall be carried out in conformance with the voluntary standards which have been established on the basis of various regulations and ordinances and which reflect the consumers' sense of values.
  8. Information about the origin and source of the material nutrient substances, and calories, allergenic substances, and production process etc. shall be provided correctly and clearly to the consumers.

(Established on October 1, 2002)

Revised on October 13, 2010