Stimulating Communication

Visitors to the Tokyo Innovation Center are no doubt surprised by such an airy building. To promote synergy among the five research divisions housed at the Center, the interior is separated by sheets of clear glass to intentionally expose research activities to view. Common areas like hallways and the lunchroom are designed to encourage communication and interaction to accelerate fusion of research achievements.
The research and development DNA so prized by Nissui is able to flourish in these relaxed surroundings.

Each floor's landing accommodates tables for meetings and common areas include communication spaces. This is to facilitate interaction between the research divisions and encourage teamwork and collaboration to invigorate R&D activities.

Various areas have been set aside where employees can interact casually or simply relax.

The airy lunchroom, which can accommodate up to 200 people at a time, is bright and clean. In fine weather, part of Mount Fuji can be glimpsed from here.

Reading room off the lunchroom
The reading room off the lunchroom is easily accessible and stocked with the latest science magazines, newspapers and other publications, which employees can peruse in a relaxing environment.

Widespread Internet use has greatly changed researchers' attitudes toward publications. The library is stocked mainly with specialized publications, rare books and illustrated reference tomes. Private booths are also available for those who want to concentrate undisturbed.

Communication spaces
Each floor has an area set aside to encourage communication. People can simply stand and chat, or sit for a more leisurely conversation. Creating opportunities for the people working at the Center to talk can help give energize R&D activities.