Nissui global links logo

Nissui GLOBAL LINKS is an international family of independent businesses, joined together by common goals and a shared ethos.
Through this unique, globally linked network, we connect natures bounty to people and families around the world by providing better and healthier food choices. Our 'global family' co-operatively share their vast resource of food industry expertise, helping to develop innovative processing techniques, delicious added value products and truly sustainable procurement practices. We understand the urgent need to preserve natural resources and by harnessing the power of our collective spirit we can also be a global force for good, helping to create a sustainable future for our planet and for its people.

※The Nissui Group's global reach has developed into Nissui GLOBAL LINKS, which links marine resources and dining tables of consumers around the world, and LOCAL LINKS, which connects the diverse functions of the Nissui Group in each region.


Nissui global links logo

To represent Nissui's Global Links, in which the entire globe forms the field of our operations, the design depicts a three-dimensional pattern of orbits circling the outer circumference of a perfect circle, with different color densities on the front and back sides of the orbits. The Nissui brand symbol is placed at the center of this globe, expressing the interconnectedness and cooperation between Nissui and its Group companies operating in various countries around the world.
Through the use of "Nissui Red," the color that symbolizes Nissui, it also expresses the connection and collaboration that Nissui encompasses.